Alter Ego | ft. Mitsue Vision & WhoCaresNYC

"Alter egos are healthy. Who we are at work in that stuffy blazer and who we are in front our friends in a spongebob onesie doesn't make you bi-polar. They are just extensions of who you are. "

#PERFECTPAIR | Aldo A-List Shopping Event

"Twinning in boyfriend jeans, white tops, and flesh tone outerwear, we looked like sole-mates in the Grandora loafers. That pun was also too good to leave out. Okay, I promise that "sole-mate" will be the last pun this time. "


"I'm attracted to the imperfect quality of the 35mm film photos. It's like capturing a fleeting moment without the opportunity to modify that moment, so there's a rawness to the product." -  Rudy | @2lungs

Neckbreakin' Style (n.) Video | Official Debut

What is Neckbreakin’ Style? Well first, it’s a noun. In textual definition, it reads “When you’re strutting down the concrete catwalk and the spectators break their necks.”  I left this interpretation intentionally vague. Neckbreakin' Style does not define a specific look nor does it specifically point to apparel. I have always longed to create something to express the most vital part of what I along with my team have created - a thoughtful culture. I like to think that this blog is more than just about fashion and an outfit delightfully put together. 

Neckbreakin’ Style (n.) Video | Behind the Scenes Part 4
"1 day until the online debut"

Neckbreakin’ Style (n.) Video | Behind the Scenes Part 3
"2 days until the online debut"

Neckbreakin’ Style (n.) Video | Behind the Scenes Part 2
"3 Days until the online debut"

Neckbreakin' Style (n.) Video | Behind the Scenes Part 1

"When it comes to success, I measure it differently than perhaps other bloggers. I measure it in the simple impacts I’ve made on people and the mind bending people that I’ve had the blessing to now call friends along the way."
4 days until the online debut

Neckbreakin’ NYFW - Look 3 | Purple Rain

"It began as Lynn Do, then Neckbreakin’ Lynn as I threw on the last minute touches to this outfit, and then Prince as it humorously flew out of my dear friend’s mouth."

Neckbreakin’ NYFW - Look 2 | Mary Lai & Reverie

"We would have a “It’s complicated” relationship status if NYFW was a tall young fellow. "

Neckbreakin’ NYFW - Look 1 | Wenqi Wu SS15

"What birthed from those ideas is this clever collection of fantastic shapes, textures, and a refreshing utilitarian take with femme tones."