by Lynn Kim Do

Neckbreakin' Style (n.) Video | Official Debut

What is Neckbreakin’ Style? Well first, it’s a noun. In textual definition, it reads “When you’re strutting down the concrete catwalk and the spectators break their necks.”  I left this interpretation intentionally vague. Neckbreakin' Style does not define a specific look nor does it specifically point to apparel. I have always longed to create something to express the most vital part of what I along with my team have created - a thoughtful culture. I like to think that this blog is more than just about fashion and an outfit delightfully put together. 

Style is my outlet. Style lives in all of us. So much so that it has opened the doors to many conversations and relationship - beginnings and endings. It is the nuances between people that I so cherish. It is the "Wow, I love your shoes!" which then turns into a ten year friendship with more memories than one can ever recall in a night. It is that one t-shirt you hold on to because it smells like "him". It is your favorite pair of jeans that not only make your booty look good but you feel good when you go on that hot date. It is the necklace that has traveled down three generations or none at all but you plan to start. It is the comfort you find in the little black dress when you have nothing to wear. It is the lipstick and 5 inch high heels that make you feel like Beyonce.  Or that watch that always get you to work on time. It is you, the person behind the threads. Hence, the debut of #NECKBRKR Street Style featuring not myself, but the people I get the pleasure of breaking' my neck for.

What text or pictures may not concretely define and encompass in its trivial words, representing tiny moments within a grand scheme, I hope this video and it’s imagery may inspire. After all, Neckbreakin' Style isn't just a fashion blog. It is cultural phenomenon that embodies a youthful spirit who are tirelessly obsessed with the creative in all of us. All of which are #neckbrkrs, not only by what they choose to cover their bodies but who they are underneath all of that.