Express Yourself | ft Zeusvision

"An expression that I tirelessly work towards days on end. A mantra that Madonna practices and inspires in personal exploration and her countless neck breaking reinventions. And an opportunity provided by a pioneer - Zeusvision. "

It's Doe Season

"as Lynn Kim Doe"

Three Instagram Worthy Coffee Shops | NYC

"Ever just need a space to waste time in between meetings or classes? Perhaps you’re just visiting New York City for the first or third time and need a local coffee shop to curb your caffeine addiction? Or you want to impress your friends or potential collaborator by picking a meeting spot that’s casual and chic - cool points for you! Ah, or you want to grab a quick coffee date with tu amor. These are three of my favorite coffee shops that are always date-proof and Instagram-Worthy."

Summer Daze | A Final Goodbye to Fall

"Tuck away the legs, say goodbye to margarita glasses, and salt in my hair. But say hello to the change you've been waiting for, the layers of beautiful textures, cuddling season, and wool socks."

#NECKBRKR | Lori & Jaton of Teus

"We didn't like each other at first..." - Lori & Jaton of Teus@lorijerez & @jaybrae

Body Electric

"Tempers are high, anxiety is prone and proper, irritations, reschedules, work anxieties, a cracked phone screen shortly after replacing it, and even my billiards game was more horrible than usual."

#NECKBRKR | Adam Opitz

"I fell in love with human interaction and the way people evolve through their environment." - Adam Opitz | @mynameisopie

Abandoned Artist | ft. Johnny Utah

"I would say, "I am an artist." And people would say, "Cool, what do you do?" I didn't have a quick answer for them. They looked at me with a condescending smirk and labeled me absurd. I just knew I wanted to be able to create. That wasn't good enough. "

Wrong in White | ft. Joah Brown

neckbreakin style
"So wrong, but so right."

Earn Your Stripes

"Friendly competition is always healthy and even welcomed. But there's a clean line between friendly competition and just bad news and it lies in intent. Intent is perhaps the hardest thing to see but every wolf in sheep skin must eat eventually."

#NECKBRKR | Marvin

"I don't give a fuck about fashion week. I live this shit. Feel me?" - Marvin | @gqtheheatmaker

Through Rose-Colored Glasses

"A rose-colored lens induced by perhaps one too many shots of whisky, who would object to that? That's an ideal Thursday. "

#NECKBRKR | Tina Maria

"Denim, leather, and legs. That's my uniform." - Tina Maria | @tinaamariaa