by Lynn Kim Do

It's Doe Season

"as Lynn Kim Doe"

Makeup by Angie Rivera | @mua_ngiie

Ah, the holiday of disguises is a couple days away. I'm not going to lie. I AM NOT A HALLOWEEN PERSON. Ironic because I'm an October baby and a fashion enthusiast. You would assume I would be into this kinda stuff. One reason being - It takes too much effort. This, in fact, also goes along with my life mantra - effortless self expression. So I'm stuck between these polar ideas that subtly pulls me in.  So this year, I thought I'd start small. 

I collaborated with a dear friend - Angie Rivera. She is the emphasis of "artist" in makeup artist and oozes with talent. Responsible for my bambi transformation aka "Lynn Kim Doe", we both had a ton of fun gossiping on Beyonce's Instagram photoshopped controversy over Almond Milk Tea. The result was beyond just a casual chitchat and catch up but this beautiful artwork on my face. Not only is this a fun and original way to approach this holiday, but you can still incorporate your every day pieces like a fur vest and a romper, steal some twigs from your neighbor's bush, add some bobby pins and now you're a sexy little doe running around doing spooky tricks and handing treats. 

My view on Halloween is slowing changing. I always feel against it until I start participating. It's even more fun when you look at other people's reactions to a Bambi face at a Thai Restaurant while you sip on green curry. Also true. 

Photos by Pedro