by Lynn Kim Do

Three Instagram Worthy Coffee Shops | NYC

"Ever just need a space to waste time in between meetings or classes? Perhaps you’re just visiting New York City for the first or third time and need a local coffee shop to curb your caffeine addiction? Or you want to impress your friends or potential collaborator by picking a meeting spot that’s casual and chic - cool points for you! Ah, or you want to grab a quick coffee date with tu amor. These are three of my favorite coffee shops that are always date-proof and Instagram-Worthy."

1. Happy Bones | Livin' Up To The Name

Happy Bones is tucked in a small space lined with a “cute” atmosphere. That’s the best way I can describe it. It’s cute. And it’s not cute in a Hello Kitty way but cute in a universally and subtle cute way, like French Bulldog cute. It’s organic and effortless. The white brick wall and marble tables fit for only two people comfortably are the perfect spot to snaps some Instagram frothy photos. I had the Flat White - my obsession since 2012. It was delicious but I would come here for the atmosphere, not necessarily their coffee. I did have a bite or two or three of their coconut donut. Everything inside me died when the soft pastry reached my taste buds. I reluctantly shared this sinfully delectable thing with my photographer. Very reluctant. I’d recommend coming here when you need to spend some time alone or with a friend or two for some java and pastries. 

2. Ost Cafe | Exposed Expresso

I’ve heard great things about Ost Cafe, mostly on their East Village location. It is definitely not as well known in the Instagram world as Happy Bones and Two Hands but the Lower East Side location is walking distance, well sorta, from these two cafes. So, why not? It has its own charm. This cafe is visually different from Happy Bones and Two Hands. Besides the warm red and brown toned brick, the walls are decorated with the work of artist and illustrator, Benjamin Wright Coleman. He also happens to be the barista behind the counter making my next Flat White. The coffee was delicious and well made. The cafe feels very earthy and comfortable. The space feels open which makes it much easier to light up a conversation with a stranger or the barista slash artist. This is definitely a coffee shop that I don’t mind becoming a “usual” at. Do strike up a conversation with the in-house artist here.

3. Two Hands | More Hands, More Beverages

Two Hands instantly became my favorite coffee shop. Why? Because it serves WAY more than just coffee. By my second cup of java, my main organ couldn’t take any more caffeine. I gladly ordered a Banana Nut Milkshake with Almond Milk. I am very partial to almond milk. I even drink it in most my lattes. It’s just a preference and a health-conscious decision. You might kill me but I have yet to try their coffees. I haven’t been able to wrap my head around their other options, like the High Hopes smoothie with mango, banana, spinach, spirulina, and almond milk. It got me with the first ingredient - mango - and sealed it with spinach. So I will have to try a flat white and update this post. I couldn’t resist but to add this coffee shop in the list. The pictures here are more than Instagram-worthy. Their tables are all equipped with pails filled with utensils and a makeshift playing card will sit on your table if you decide to eat/drink there. It’s just a cool place to not only drink coffee but to eat. Even the non-coffee drinkers will find something they’d enjoy here. Needless to say, this is my favorite spot. And the space is big enough for larger parties. I just feel like a winner every time I visit this lovely cafe.

Photos by Pedro & Chris Payne