Neckbreakin' Thanksgiving | Rosemary Apple Butter Galette

"Happy Thanksgiving! I have to end this series on a sweet note. It just wouldn't feel right otherwise. At this point during your glutinous day, you are not too far from conceiving a food baby. The temptation of dessert, the final chapter of Thanksgiving, is too strong to say no and closure is an absolute necessity. Remember the traditional apple pies that usually sit on the dinner table after the entire feast. Well move over apple pie because the apple butter galette is no joke."

NECKBREAKIN' THANKSGIVING | Butternut Squash & Cranberry Stuffed Turkey

"Before you pick up your jaw from the floor and clean up the pool of drool, let's talk about this modern and beautiful rendition of the traditional turkey. It's an amazing portion size, absolutely moist, and packed with flavor. You will definitely be the rave of the friendsgiving party or Thanksgiving get together with this dish." 

Neckbreakin' Thanksgiving | Pumpkin Chai Rolls

"This year for Thanksgiving, I figured the last thing you really want to do is to look at another outfit. We all deserve to stare at food guiltlessly, eat until our buttons ricochet off, and if you dare, cook your own piece of magic to indulge and share. In collaboration with @twohealthybuns, NBS is giving you a three part foodie series with three exclusive recipes."

Black Is My Soulmate

“Hey Black, you’ve been pretty freaking amazing. Don’t change one bit. And don’t stop making me bacon and eggs in the morning.” 

Skyline Drive - A Road Trip | What?

"I rather have the opportunity to say goodbye than never have the chance to say hello at all. And I can't even begin to tell you all the things I've learned during this trip. But I will surely try." 

Trust and Self-discovery

The Black Series | ft. NaiS Lingerie

black bodysuit with garters
"I've joined a league of New York influencers who all embrace women empowerment and local craft to introduce this exclusive five collection. Each week a blogger will introduce a limited edition and exclusive design that will only be available for that same week. Handmade in their New York City studio, you don't want to miss the opportunity to get your hands on one of their designs. I am excited to introduce The Black Series collection."
It is available now until Sunday, November 16 at noon.

Skyline Drive - A Road Trip | Who?

"The Best Friend. The Gay Man. The Homeless Man. The Wanderer."

Skyline Drive - A Road Trip | Why?

"Why take a road trip in October? Why pick a destination like freaking Skyline Drive in Virginia Why am I wearing a blue jumpsuit when I know I'm going to be in a car for hours?  Why did I stop on the side of Route 95? "

#NECBRKR | Andrew Akanbi

"Music comes first. Fashion is my wifey." - Andrew Akanbi | @frikaan_time

When in White

"When in White," right? You just have to vibe with the moment you exist in and completely own it."