by Lynn Kim Do

Skyline Drive - A Road Trip | Why?

"Why take a road trip in October? Why pick a destination like freaking Skyline Drive in Virginia Why am I wearing a blue jumpsuit when I know I'm going to be in a car for hours?  Why did I stop on the side of Route 95? "

Les Lunes & Young & Able - Brands on

Les Lunes & Young & Able - Brands on

Les Lunes & Young & Able - Brands on

Blue Jersey Jumpsuit - Les Lunes // Necklace - Gamma Folk via Young & Able // Fringe Booties - Betsey Johnson

Here is a three part series highlighting my road trip from New Jersey to Skyline Drive, Virginia making friendly pit stops at Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington D.C.. The first part of this series answers, to my best abilities, the question - Why?

Why take a road trip in October? Why pick a destination like freaking Skyline Drive in Virginia Why am I wearing a blue jumpsuit when I know I'm going to be in a car for hours?  Why did I stop on the side of Route 95? 

I generally think in questions which is just apart of my curious nature. More often than not, they're whys. And these are all questions that I had asked myself or blurted aloud to my road trip companion.

Starting with the first question - Why October? I wanted to travel for my birthday but I had a big girl job that I couldn't just abandon. It requires plenty of attention. I was also hit pretty hard by the Mercury Retrograde (explained here) and two too many parking tickets. There were feelings of spontaneity and care-free emotions that I haven't had the luxury to feel for several months now. I felt a dark and heavy cloud creeping up on me, like the boogie man was transitioning from my closet to underneath my bed. He was just impatiently waiting to make a grand entrance into my life. Nothing was bad, but it wasn't good either. It didn't feel right. I knew I needed to get away. I couldn't wait any longer. So, I left. 

Why Skyline Drive? I googled endlessly for the perfect road trip from New Jersey/New York. There were many places I wanted to go to, like Nashville for some Folk music, the depths of the Grand Canyon in Arizona, the rocks and iconic parties in Colorado, or deep dish pizzas in Chi-town. But all of these locations were at least 18 hours away driving. If there's one thing that I know about myself it is that - I like the notion of road trips but I absolutely hate being in the car for too long. I get anxiety, music starts annoying me, I don't stop eating, I get sleepy, and I lose almost all my personality. If I had decided to head straight down South, I would land in most of the states that I previously lived in. No, thanks. So I extensively continued to google. There seems to be plenty of chitchat on the foliage trail up and down the East Coast. I love leaves but I couldn't wrap my head around going on a road trip to solely look at leaves. Then, I stumbled on the national scenic bypass - Skyline Drive in Virginia. It is a beautiful road with a foliage road, hiking trails, wildlife, and overlooks that will change your life. The GPS route from New Jersey passed through two major cities - Philadelphia and Baltimore. The best part was that it was only 5 hours away if we drove straight to Skyline Drive. It worked out to be the perfect destination.

Why the Les Lunes jumpsuit? While driving and enduring hours of car seated position, I chose this blue Les Lunes jumpsuit. The fabric and feel is almost too good to be true. It is made with a bamboo ultra-soft jersey wrap material. The fit is relaxed and it comes with an adjustable belt. While I was driving, I would tie the belt in front of my waist so my back can rest comfortably against the seat. When I took a break and went on a java run, I'd tie or double tie the belt with the bow adorned on the back of my waist. I believe I fell asleep in the blue jumpsuit. I was too tired to change after driving for a couple hours and swallowing an entire bowl of Vietnamese spicy soup during our first stop in Philadelphia. It is an effortless cool piece that can easily be worn up or down and practically in any scenario. Trust me, this will be your go-to piece, especially for a road trip.

Why these images? The last question was a spontaneous little thought that escaped my mind as I closed the car door behind me. A truck flew by me almost taking my arm with it. I just saw the largest  grass field in my life and I was in awe at the foliage of New Jersey. We pulled over to enjoy the view before it got dark. I wanted to please every little curiosity without a sense of time constraint or peer pressure. I wanted to exist solely for the moment during this road trip and so that's what we did when we stopped in the middle of the highway.

Feel free to ask me anymore questions and I will be glad to answer them!

Photos by Pedro