Looking Back At 2014

"The past plays such an important role on who you are this minute, this second. By all means, it may not dictate who you can be. But, it will be faulty to say that it doesn't impact you. Needless to say, 2014 has been a quite a memorable year for me. I have been pushed to limits I never knew I even possessed, crossed lines that I didn't know existed, and lost and found friendship in some of the most unexpected places."

Building Color Blocks

"Color blocking has been very popular the past couple seasons. You would think that color blocking would require at least one thing - color. Come to Neckbreakin' Style to break some more rules and bend some minds because I took the "blocking" more literally than the "color" part. Plus, I like to think that color is all subjective and black and white is totally a color!"

Cozy Christmas

"The pines still fresh on the Christmas tree. The solo bow that is still lingering on the couch from the gift exchange. The plate of stale cookies too good to be left alone. The fresh steam rising from the ten cups of hot cocoa forming cavities in the back of our mouths. That pleasant grin that extends from the inside out without one specific source but from the spirit of the holidays.
That is why I love Christmas."

Muted Prints

"Prints are loud. Prints can only be paired with neutrals. Prints are hard to match. Prints are hard to wear. I'm not edgy enough for prints. Prints are for the summer.
All false."

Sweater Party | #YNASeries Event

"What I love more than a good Sweater Party is a good Sweater Party with three of my blogger pals, accompanied by our friend, fans, and you! What are we celebrating, you ask? We are celebrating the holidays, good vibes, cool people, and the shopping season with the help of Young & Able and four style gurus. Read more for details of this event."

New York | Nueva York ft. Peralta Project

"I've been asked - "If you could live anywhere in the States, where would you live?" Without an ounce of hesitation, my answer will always be "New York City". It is the city of dreams, the city of my dreams. You see how attracted I was to Peralta Project's headgear. It put a clever twist into the traditional snapbacks and cultural permanence of the teams."


"My name is Sade. Like the singer, it's pronounced shaw-dae." - Sade | @blackandolive

A Moment in Tweed

"People love to plan, love to curate a moment, love to follow some strategic rule to success. That's great and I can't argue that it must be nice to have a formula to happiness. If only life worked like that, and perhaps, thankfully so."