by Lynn Kim Do

Let's Do Nothing | Ft. ABOUT Baltic Underwear

The weeks proceeding Valentine's Day is an exhausting one. Everyone is pulling their hair out, planning an extensive six hour long date with dinner accompanied by twenty food pics, tragically sitting in the front row of a rom-com movie, some long walk in some christmas lit park in negative 6 degrees weather, clumsy couple ice skating, and then it ends in a picture perfect smooch. Some parts of that seems enticing. Wait, don't forget that pricey gift you have to get one another. The sole pressure of getting a better gift than your partner is made worse by the heart chocolate boxes sold at Walgreens. So, coming from a complicated chick (aren't we all?) who has plenty of things, I have some inspiration for you. The handsome guest blogger, Jamal of Style Society Guy, makes an appearance in this exclusive video to stir up some lovely feelings in the pit of your tummy, also known as butterflies.

Let the day begin with a gift in the morning at the end of his or her bed. Pull the ribbon from the box and your love one sees a beautiful set of loungewear. Of course, you already have yours on. If you really want to impress your significant other, get them ABOUT Baltic Underwear. Not only is are they classic and beautiful pieces but the pieces are actually good for your skin. It's silky soft and absorbs moisture and bacteria. Get this, the sweater even contains moisturizing and soothing properties from the aloe vera in it. WHAT! Perfect because be prepared to never want to get out of them. Now instead of going out, like everyone else is doing or dreading depending on your Facebook relationship status, stay in and plan to do absolutely nothing. All it takes is the right comfy outfit, great snacks, your perfect mate, and whole lot of nothing on your plate. You will catch yourself making some of the fondest and simple memories. Because at the end of it all, you're not going to remember that one Valentine's Day date in that fancy Italian restaurant with endless bread. You're going to remember that one time he made breakfast for the first time and burnt absolutely everything, even toast. "Who burns toast!?" But you thought it was cute. Because it was.

Yes, the ladies can be pretty complicated. And I know this idea turns every traditional Valentine's Day plans on its head, but I just like to think that originality and being thoughtful trumps it all. I hope you have or surely create a good Valentine's Day!

Guest Blogger is Jamal of Style Society Guy