by Lynn Kim Do

Three Instagram-Worthy Spots in Philly

"When you're tired of tourist-y plans while you're in Philadelphia, go to these day spots for a chill time and some Instagram-Worthy snaps."

Okay, so you can go to the Liberty Bell, the Independence Hall, or the Rocky Balboa statue outside the Philadelphia Museum of Art. And you most definitely should. But when you've already spent enough time exploring our glorious American history and cool classic movie cult spots in Philly. How about you head over to three of my favorite Instagram-Worthy spots in Philadelphia to, you know, hang out. My roomie and also fellow blogger - Tina of and her bae were gracious enough to introduce me to these spots. Just make sure you bring your photographic devices to snap some great shots. 

One) Parc

I'm a sucker for brunch. I know, I know. This qualifies me as a basic "bish" but I can't deny what I love. Parc is by far one of the best brunches I've had. his Paris inspired restaurant tickled my fancy at the sight of their decor. You feel instantly comfortable in this effortless charming space. Be prepared to get hooked onto their cranberry table bread and also dream about it there-after.While my friends ordered Vietnamese coffees, I stuck with just a black coffee to get myself ready for the entrees. Benedicts and steak and eggs were ordered. Now I would usually lean towards anything that has the word benedict in it, but I decided to even surprise myself. I decided to order a Quiche instead. Let me tell you, my mouth explored textures and savory notes it hadn't experience in awhile. Some of my friends converted into quiche lovers that afternoon. A must-try! Do make a reservation because this place is always packed, especially on the weekends. 

Two) Street Art

This is more obvious of the three stops. I live in New York City, the midwife of graffiti. However, the moment I step foot into Philadelphia, I am punched with the artwork on every corner and brick or concrete wall. It's like this city really understands this art form. And you'll be sure to find the most variety in street art from typography, to political messages, and then this beautiful watercolored bull. You really don't need to search too hard for these beautiful graffiti and street art but if you need help, Streets Dept is an awesome website that helps you discover some cool ones in Philadelphia.

Three) Fishtown

Want to see the hipster spot in Philly? Then go to Fishtown. I went specifically for a dose of caffeine at La Colombe but instantly fell in love with this area. I think the vintage store next door sealed the deal. Tina found a fox head skeleton and brought back to our new apartment. This is why we get along - We're a bit dark. As a New Yorker, I know about La Colombe in Soho. But the cafe in Fishtown blows the Soho cafe out the water. It is three times the space, has impeccable rustic decor, and has great selections of tartines, food, and of course, coffees. I really enjoyed the barrel decor near the restroom. There's a ton of little nooks alone in La Colombe that would deem Instagram Worthy.  I wish I was able to explore this part of Philly more but I'm excited to go back and take it all in.

Do you know any cool spots in Philly? Share the wealth! 
Comment below and I'll be sure to check it out!

Photos by Lynn Kim Do