"You get plenty of attitude and drowsy eyes with Lower East Side walls fittingly full of character as I dance in front of it as a blank canvas. "

Babes At 6B | What's In Your Bag, New York City?

You take two girls who constantly laughs at themselves, who is more transparent than snapchat, who has a dream bigger than their heart can carry, who has quite a tolerance for wine, who just moved into New York City for the very first time with barely enough money for second month's rent, and stick them in apartment 6B with a camera.

You get the Babes At 6B. 
The best duo since tequila and lime. 

Transitional Hues

"How do you still tell the world that you are welcoming Spring with arms wide open and watery eyes (from allergies) without catching pneumonia or frost bite? "

The New Do (all puns intended)

Q -"What made you cut your hair?" 
A - "Um, because I want to look like a BOY!"

Who did this amazing hair transformation and Why I really cut my hair? 

Last Chance to Wear It

"Ladies, pull out your jackets for the final few weeks. It's almost that time that we've only been daydreaming about - warmer weather, endless outdoors happy hours, and thigh high skirts."

Babes of 6B | ft. Joanna Maxham

"I can't tell if we're unlikely roommates or too likely. We definitely have our own unique sense of style even if we like the same pieces, like the super functional yet edgy Joanna Maxham bag. Styled with no pants but by different means. I personally love ground turkey. She absolutely hates it. I'm always on some strange clean eating craze, she makes it her mission to break me. She's very logistical. I'm guided by emotions. We do have one very critical thing in common, we're driven by our dreams. I am glad that we are where we are and doing what we're doing at this very moment, paralleling often intercepting each other's life."  

Elite 90s 530 | ft. New Balance

"But hey, if you can’t handle NYC at it’s seat pissing subway inhabitants, than you don’t deserve it at it’s sunset from the Empire State Building. "

574 Pique Polo Pack | Ft. New Balance

"With a breathtaking and raw New York City view, graffiti blotted rocks, and a body of water separating Brooklyn and Manhattan, these bright colored kicks pave way for another group of people who find the 574 Pique Polo Pack stylishly fitting. The urban walkers. The streetwear enthusiast. The hype beast. The chic. The hipster."

Food in Vietnam

"My most primal reason to travel is to eat. I can really just end my post like that."