by Lynn Kim Do

Babes At 6B | What's In Your Bag, New York City?

You take two girls who constantly laughs at themselves, who is more transparent than snapchat, who has a dream bigger than their heart can carry, who has quite a tolerance for wine, who just moved into New York City for the very first time with barely enough money for second month's rent, and stick them in apartment 6B with a camera.

You get the Babes At 6B. 
The best duo since tequila and lime. 

Babes At 6B is our experience and weekly survival in NYC with topics like fashion, food, lifestyle, how-tos, and things you must know as a New Yorker newbie. Laugh with us (or at us). Cry with us. Learn with us. And most importantly, drink with us during our lease long adventure. Cheers to our one year lease!

Beginning with our very first video - What's In Your Bag, NYC?
In New York City, your bag contains your life and can make or break you! Ever have an amazing idea and totally forget it because you simply didn't have a journal in hand? How about that time when this creepy guy kept trying to talk to you when you'd rather step in front of the subway train instead to end your misery - headphones will save you. And don't get me started on the external chargers, greatest invention since fire. 

Let us know what essentials we're possibly missing! Comment on our video or even here.

Fellow 6B babe - Tina Maria of
Wearing Flapper Fringe Bowler Bag by Joanna Maxham
Video by Chris Payne