by Lynn Kim Do

New York, NY, USA

The New Do (all puns intended)

Q -"What made you cut your hair?" 
A - "Um, because I want to look like a BOY!"

Who did this amazing hair transformation and Why I really cut my hair? 

Hair - Kristan Serafino // Jacket - J. Crew // Jeans - Vintage // Chuck Taylor - Converses // Teardrop Earcuffs - Noir // Toscano East/West Tote - Patricia Nash

I've teased you long enough, my digital friends! I've only revealed this dramatic new do to my own mother a few days ago, so you're no too behind from my blood. No FOMOs allowed. I really have to thank my dear friend and crazy talented hair guru - Kristan Serafino. Her client roster is insane with the likes of Norman Reedus, Ryan Reynolds, Elizabeth Berkley, and countless famous heads. So when I had the crazy idea of chopping off these locks, I entrusted my entire head within Kristan Serafino's hands. I barely trusted my last hair stylist when she cut off my hair into a long bob. I sure faked it until I made it out of there. And it was painless, I'm just dramatic. But place a very dramatic soul-searching twenty something year old in front of Kristan Serafino, give a crazy assignment like chop my whole hair off, and there's no exact predictable outcome here. Of course, the outcome will always be brilliant but all the stuff in between is hazy. Long story short, she made a potentially very dramatic hair cut into a hang out filled with laughter. Her lasting words? "I always described haircuts as such - talk, whisper, and shout. And this is definitely a SHOUT!"

Damn right it is. It's the only way I know how to do things.

So I know what you're thinking and it is generally the first question that leaves my friend's mouth - 
Q -"What made you cut your hair?" 
A - "Um, because I want to look like a BOY!"

No, the real answer is that I don't have an answer. This certainly did not come out of no where. I've wanted this pixie cut even before I had the bob cut. I took it slowly as many of my wise friends' have suggested. I played around with the idea. I looked for validation. I asked my friends and family. I started a Pinterest Board on pixie cuts. I stalked celebrities. I battled on whether or not I had the face structure for it. And you know what, I never received any of those validations. Because you can never get that sign or symbol from god to tell you what decision to actually make. And no one can give that to you either. Although that one person that will love you no matter if you look like a boy or a girl can be reassuring. At the end of the day, you should just do it and figure it all out later. 
That's exactly what I did! And I don't regret a thing. 

Photos by Pedro