A Woman With Short Hair

"I came to several epiphanies during and after my haircut that only someone who actually took the pixie cut leap could ever understand. Hair, as society has taught us, is an extension of a woman. It holds similar physical attributions to our breast, our ass, and our legs. The longer the better is what we were taught. It is our standard of beauty. And yes, even as a pixie owner, I still think long hair is beautiful. To each its own. But when you take a second to dig deeper or ask why, there is no practical reason to support this. It never really occurred to me until I decided to cut it all off. "

Hey, Mailman | ft. Articles of Society

"As much as I'd like to mail my day into an envelope and send it to someone in Brazil or something... 

That's impossible. What is possible is that Articles of Society just gave me an opportunity to share my love for denim to someone."

Babes At 6B | Leg Day for Babes

Lift that butt up and Squat! 

It's getting warmer and we're all slowly making our way to the gym to get that summer bod right on track. If you can't get to the gym, here's a fun and simple leg and booty workout you can do outdoors or at home (if you have thin floors and live on the 4th floor....maybe not). This workout is great because anyone can do this work out - beginners or even fitness connoisseurs. 

Babes at 6B - Leg Workout

1. Side Step Squat - 10 reps

2. Jack Squats - 10 reps
3. Walking Lunges - 10 reps for each leg
4. Angled Walking Lunges - 10 reps for each leg
5. High Knees - 20 seconds
6. Burpees - 5 reps


"You can be completely different from one another, have a huge generation gap, or residing at two different sides of the world. No matter what it is or how long you’ve gone without seeing one another, some things remain true. "


"It’s not too often when you find someone you can connect with. And it’s something that has always been hard to explain, but it won’t stop me from attempting to. I’m not talking about that “love at first sight” or that overwhelming lustful attack at the sight of your new evening prey."

The second post elaborates on my definition of a soul mate. 

Yin & Yang Trilogy (The Teaser)

"For me, a soul mate is someone who was meant to be in your life. A friend. A mentor. Or even a lover." 
Here's a teaser for the editorial featuring myself and Dathias Hoang of The next two post will delve into my mindset on that friend - that soul mate but perhaps, not the one you end up with. 

Babes At 6B | Coa-chillin' at Coachella

Okay, so I'm not going to Coachella this year. But I'm not going to let a little land separation stop me from having my own festival fun! My fellow 6B Babe and I found a little spot to chill in the heart of NYC for our own Coachella love. That's right, Central Park is our backyard and we're trying to wear as little clothes as possible. 

A Gypsy Pixie | Festival Accessories

"What happens when you take a child of the street with a heart of a gypsy and a brand new a pixie cut, then tell her that Coachella is right around the corner? Accessorize!"

Call Me A Kid

"I read somewhere that the most creative people have never let their inner child die. 

And let me tell you why I agree..."