by Lynn Kim Do

A Gypsy Pixie | Festival Accessories

"What happens when you take a child of the street with a heart of a gypsy and a brand new a pixie cut, then tell her that Coachella is right around the corner? Accessorize!"

Grey Set - Milk The Goat // Sandals (similar) - Mango // Ibiza Flower Crown - Alekka // Rosarita T Necklace - Phyllis + Rosie // Electric Bombay Disco Earrings -  Frieda and Nellie // Gyspy Ring - Karen London // The Petite Band Ring Set - LUV AJ // Cuff Ring - Phyllis + Rosie // Basil Ring Bronze - Tiffany Kunz

What happens when you take a child of the street with a heart of a gypsy and a brand new a pixie cut, then tell her that Coachella is right around the corner?

Well for one, this Milk The Goat festival outfit decked in colorful accessories from Alekka happens. For a Neckbrkr, accessories are like an author's word choice in his or her novel. It adds personality, contains an immense amount of creativity, can easily be substituted for another word but once chosen, it holds great substance. In other words, it can really make an outfit. Not like the grey matching set needed too much sprucing because Milk The Goat has been a Coachella favorite ever since Vanessa Hudgens and Kylie Jenner wore that adorable two piece. This Coachella look is comfortable, light, and too cute to not cause a double take. 

One reason why I decided to take great care in accessorizing is because I know own a pixie cut. A perk of having very short hair is that every piece of accessory will stand out more. So how do you wear all of these great pieces in a very exposed neck without looking like you're trying too hard? Focus on one statement piece. In this case, it was the earrings. Balance the studs with a simple necklace that has a bit of color attached to the end of the necklace so that the position of the color doesn't compete with one another. It's about balancing length and boldness. Don't be afraid to play with more than one color though, like my choices of teal, magenta, and red. Avoid choosing more than three colors. I balanced the amount of accessories by deciding not to add bangles to this ensemble. Less is more and adding another factor would easily tip you to the "trying to hard" scale. I kept the rings simple but in great quantity. Again, I kept one cohesive color in the accessories with the teal ring while introducing other subtle and minor color characters. 

And why have I relied on Alekka for all the great jewelry, besides the fact that they're quite amazing, is that Alekka prides itself in travel. This online boutique takes great inspiration from the world to bring pieces from different parts of the planet and combines it effortlessly with accessories for the well-travelled and fashionable. On top of travel necessities, let's add Alekka in for the one-stop for Coachella and Festival accessories. 

Photos by Pedro