by Lynn Kim Do

Babes At 6B | Leg Day for Babes

Lift that butt up and Squat! 

It's getting warmer and we're all slowly making our way to the gym to get that summer bod right on track. If you can't get to the gym, here's a fun and simple leg and booty workout you can do outdoors or at home (if you have thin floors and live on the 4th floor....maybe not). This workout is great because anyone can do this work out - beginners or even fitness connoisseurs. 

Babes at 6B - Leg Workout

1. Side Step Squat - 10 reps

2. Jack Squats - 10 reps
3. Walking Lunges - 10 reps for each leg
4. Angled Walking Lunges - 10 reps for each leg
5. High Knees - 20 seconds
6. Burpees - 5 reps

Do this entire workout, take a quick water break, and do 3 sets total! 

Want a challenge? Make it a HIIT workout: do the 6 workout for 20 minutes straight with no breaks and no stopping.

Now you can have brunch guilt-free. Bring on the mimosas.

Fellow 6B babe - Tina Maria of
Wearing Grip Bra & Bottom from Koral Activewear
Video by Chris Payne