by Lynn Kim Do

Call Me A Kid

"I read somewhere that the most creative people have never let their inner child die. 

And let me tell you why I agree..."

I read somewhere that the most creative people have never let their inner child die. 

And let me tell you why I agree...

As we get older, we are stifled by society's norms and rules. To grow up. To be more responsible. To get your head out of the clouds and into that algebra problem. To make practical decisions. To have common sense. To be able to talk about the stock market, the weather, or some stupid Kim K. update.  To identify that drawing as a hat and not as a snake who swallowed an elephant (from The Little Prince). To eat waffles in the morning and not in the evening. To pair that same waffle with fried chicken. To work at a cubicle from 9 to 5pm repetitively. To wear suit jackets and button up shirts. To keep your hair long because you're a girl. 

I can't tell you that every single one of the aforementioned things are all bullshit but I can tell you that most of it is. Practical decisions based on logic can be very handy. And because there are plenty of unfortunate people who have killed their inner child, topics like the weather becomes very useful in corporate settings. Why should growing up be so dreadful? Why do we all want to dive into a time machine and go back to our childhood? It's because we miss how care-free we are. Funny because we can now afford to be more carefree but we care way too much. We care what our parents think about us, our friends, our Facebook acquaintances who are already putting images of their wedding or their child, our colleagues who are competing for our jobs or your boyfriend, your boyfriend, and that manicurist that always ask you what job do you have. I get it. And I wish I didn't. 

You don't have to deal with the pains of being a grown-up by stabbing the child in you to death. You can find your balance and hold that child's hand and let him or her loose once in awhile. It can be in a book, in a girls' night out, halfway across the world, amidst your favorite Disney or Pixar movie (I love Cinderella), or on a Sunday morning dance sesh to Sex Machine by James Brown. You might think that this is a silly futile idea but let me tell you why the child in you is so detrimental to your life and happiness. The child in you will maintain your sense of curiosity, your fascination with the world around you - the smile of a baby girl as you return it with a silly face, the divine smell of empanadas at a sketchy Spanish Harlem nook, and the outline of your lover's chest with all it's tiny pores. The child in you will not think of its past, or its potential consequences in the future. It will see  things others can't but will crave and pay a tremendous amount of money for. 

I didn't make the benefits very literal but I can tell you that the child in you is not all dead and is fighting for an opportunity to make a comeback. You just have to let it. 

 Photos by Johnny Utah