We All Need JEESUS

"Can we all agree that we're all in a search for something? Anything. Just to fill that void in the pit of your stomach. Perhaps, it's a dream, a universal truth, an everlasting love, or just one more piece of cake (hey, whatever floats your boat). "

Simply Street | Redefining Streetwear for Women

"Still sporty, still casual, still has a ton of attitude. But different. Different because my streetwear can be worn in a casual office, a party, and on the street. Different because it can intrigue many other categories as it teases with themes from different genres. Different because it doesn't need to explain itself to anyone with it's subtle boldness. This surely isn't my first time expressing my passion for streetwear but I am excited to help, along with other notable streetwear women in the game, to redefine this category."

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

"Am I allowed to say that it's Summer even though the solstice isn't until next month? You know how I really feel - Summer isn't what the calendar says it is. It's a feeling. And I'm totally feeling good vibes and a creeping' smile ear to ear with no real source in mind. Because everything makes me happy - vibrant cotton candy, balloons holding on by several strings, the salt carried from the Atlantic in my hair, and the couple puppets flirting with each other. What a better place to celebrate this magnificent season than at Coney Island."

A Dreamy Brunch | The Fat Radish

"I truly walked into a blogger's brunch dream. Trust me, I didn't want to leave."

Babes at 6B | Outfits Mom Disapproved

I think we're all experts at pissing our Mother's off. And conveniently, as hard as we might try, we seem to piss them off the most on this Hallmark hold - Mother's Day. So here is our Babes at 6B attempt at saving you from getting a scolding for what you're wearing. I would wear almost all of these outfits (minus the red dress because I know better!) to see my dear mother. She normally doesn't care but I can see her cringe behind that sweet smile of hers. So let me try with everything inside me to please you, momma-do. Because you deserve that and more.

A Piece of Work

"Sometimes the first (and possibly last thing) you should do is to not give a $@&% who is watching you, where you're at, or what you're actually doing and in this case, wearing. If you want to do it, do it. Hence I'm in a beautiful vibrant maxi in the middle of Lower East Side practically scaling the walls to get to the baby hulk." 

Mex' Brunch in NYC | Cafe El Presidente

"I really enjoyed this light brunch at Cafe el Presidente. When I walked in, it felt like I transported south of the border. The atmosphere is spacious and unique, especially since it's located right in the middle of Flat Iron, New York. I am usually a benedict gal when it comes to brunch. This place is not that! But don't let that stop you from paying a visit here because their food will surprise your tastebuds in a pleasant way. "