by Lynn Kim Do

A Dreamy Brunch | The Fat Radish

"I truly walked into a blogger's brunch dream. Trust me, I didn't want to leave."

eating at: The Fat Radish
ate: Avocado & 7-Grain Toast, Spicy Eggs / Lemon Ricotta Pancakes, Beth's Farm Blueberry Jam / Smoke Salmon Crostini, Red Onion, Capers, Upland Cress, Creme Fraiche / Steak & Eggs
drank: coffee / Irish coffee 

I truly walked into a blogger's brunch dream. Trust me, I didn't want to leave. The decor was breathtaking. The front was a tad quiet and underwhelming until you get closer and realize how brilliant the place looked. The lighting came from the ceiling and illumined this gorgeous table in the back where the specials were handwritten on this large mirror peaking from fresh pastel flowers. Our coffees came in this french press gadget. Always a plus. Our food sounded simple and it was. That's why it was so delicious. I loved that everything was locally sourced. I felt like I did a good deed for the day. My Avocado toast was delicious. I was able to pick from everyone's plate and nothing disappointed. Except one thing - the bacon. Perhaps it's a preference, but it was a bit chewy for me. I like mines fatty and crispy. All the deliciousness happening around the table surely make the bacon part nonexistent. We looked at the dessert menu briefly and I did have my eye on this Banoffee Pie but we decided that ice cream from Chinatown's Ice Cream Factory was more fitting for a Sunday afternoon. I would recommend The Fat Radish to anyone. I'm going to tuck this brunch spot away for many fun occasions.

Special Guest : Tina Maria of & Karina Munoz 
Photos by Lynn Kim Do