More Than Grey

"Just because you're dressed in all grey. Just because you're minimal. Just because you're surrounded by concrete. Doesn't mean that you are really minimal, simple, walking round with a grey cloud, or boring. I am a woman of run on sentences, anomalies, greys with bubblegum and strawberry shortcake ice-cream."


The anticipation is over and I can't wait to share this epic summer anthem for you. Packed with style, debauchery, fun, and trouble - you'll be inspired to eat a burger (or steal one). 

No Fear in This City

"To say there is no fear in this city is an absolute lie. This is not a suggestion or a statement, it's a reminder. A friendly reminder to abolish the fear in every New York City corner and roof top."

Summer Breakers | behind the scenes

"How can I begin to describe what this video is all about!? If these pictures don't give you enough juice. Let me try to explain (in Kevin Hart's voice) - My philosophy has always been to be YOU no matter the means. Hence, "Break necks. Kill reason." Who cares what society says. Who cares what the rules are. And who cares what people think? And what better way to find out who you are, act out who you are than with a dope ass friend who has your back and will sit around eating fries and twirl with. Oh, and with my favorite film crew - Moonculture Films."

Summer Breakers | teaser

"While everyone will be celebrating Father's Day, I'm going to be celebrating another holiday - THE FIRST DAY OF SUMMER. What better way to do that than with a bad-ass video with my partner in (blogger) crime, Raquel Paiva, for some stealing, debauchery, ice cream, and pizza thievery. All that and more coming to you soon, so stay tune!" 

Check out some video posters to curb that craving for now...

Overlooking Even Yellow

"I always find it so easy, so natural to share myself with strangers I don't think twice about. The moment I start to care about how I will feel or how that person may feel about me, I almost sabotage myself. I choke up. I listen and my mouth feels incapable, my mind in gibberish, in an alien thought, another planet."

Be Vulnerable

"Seems like vulnerability has been a stalking theme in my life as of lately. Whether it's the uncomfortable consumption of it stemming from the pit of your hips or the subtle feeling where you can sense that someone is really struggling with it. And when I say struggle, it's never quite straight forward. You catch them in between a laugh, that split second, when their face loses all composure. 
And that one time I went to a bar with an Aussie Saxophone player and he told me he had a girlfriend..."

Rooftop Chillin'

"You can't call yourself a New Yorker without spending some time on at least several rooftops either voluntarily or stumbling upon one. It's one of the best way to see New York City in its entirety or at least a bigger portion of it that would normally be harder to see at ground level. The magic of the city sweeps you at this superior height."