A SH-RESS (Shirt + Dress)

"Let me tell you one very important reason why you should wear a SH-RESS. Because - "why the hell not"? As long as your bum and vajeen are covered and safe from any federal violations, you're absolutely fine. This is why I encourage rules breakin' and neck breakin'."

Babes at 6B | 1 Shirt, 4 Ways

We all have done the walk of shame after a long night at your man's place or, perhaps, a new friend's place (I won't judge). And I'm just here to show you how you can do it with style. Babes at 6B are here to show you how you can wear a man's button up in four stylish ways. So you can leave his place looking so fly, you can go grab brunch with your girlfriends' after and talk about the dirty deeds from the night before. You may just want to brush your teeth first.

Concrete Jungle

"Indiana Jones would have a hard time surviving in New York City. I'm sure physically, he would. But New York City is all mental."

I Can be Austrian | Edi & The Wolf

"Food says a lot about someone's country. I've never had Austrian food before but if this is indicator of what Austria is like, than I am so game."


"I think I'm in feigning for a getaway soon. I can't seem to stop dressing like I live off an island. This is quite a threadwork attempt to belong in New York City. Isn't it funny how your wardrobe can truly resemble how you feel?" 

Harder. Weirder. Crazy.

"Go even harder. Dig deeper and get weirder. Get crazy. They'll secretly enjoy it. If they don't, believe they will."

Babes at 6B | Happy Hour

As much as I like to drown myself in work, in visuals, in props, and in emails, I always look forward to 6 o'clock when bottles are pouring and alcohol is the chanting anthem. New York City is home of some of the best happy hours. So the Babes at 6B had to hook you guys up with three of our favorite spots. I even feel guilty sharing this because these spots are near and dear to me. So, yes, I like you guys very very much and would want nothing more than to get obliterated with you on a work day, like today.

Superdry on a horse. Okay, not really.

"As a horseback riding noob, I had no idea how to dress for this occasion. Nor was I prepared for how sore I was going to be right after. I sure as hell don't take any of this experience or sore inner thighs back."

Livin' An Art | 191st Street Art

"As a self-proclaimed artist, people tend to ask me what I create? What is my canvas? Well it's definitely not on a music sheet, photoshop or premier, or even in a dark room. My life is my canvas. I have made my emotions, behaviors, and attitudes the brush stroke of a rather large and presumably lifetime piece of work."