Sweet Home Alabama

"Over a decade later, I am in Alabama visiting my very caucasian grandfather and meeting my uncles for the first time. Strange because last night, I told my best friend something I didn't even put together until it came out of my mouth - "You know, I didn't even know I needed this until it happened." Meeting them, being in their home, talking to them, diving slightly into their world really connected some puzzle pieces in my life." 

A really personal story...

On the Mountain Top in Hawaii

"Mountains are as foreign to me as snow would be to a native islander. When I saw the mist hugging the mountain peeks carved and patted in greens shrubs and trees, it really blew me away. It looked so strong. It felt immovable. Stable. I felt like it knew something I didn't. An eternal secret. Something divine."

Mahalo Spirit in Hawaii

"It's hard to put to words all the things that I took away from during this trip. But if I can just put all the people, the sub-moments, and the calming chaos under once category and gave it a name, it would be "Mahalo". "

Shana Luther

"Brands from New York City have a special spot in my heart. I think it stems from two things - how much I love this creative gridlock city and how hard I know we grind. And Shana is definitely a creative and a grinder. So when I was approached by her personally on this Shana Luther campaign and lookbook, I didn't even give it a second thought and immediately said yes." Here are some images from the campaign and a Q&A I did for Shana Luther.

A Neckbreakin' Short Film | "I Miss You"

"This is the first of several short films that Anthony King of MoonCulture Films will be directing. We wanted to create videos that really came from an instantaneous moment and feeling. No month or weeks of planning in advance. Really putting the "personal" in personal style. This video is called "I Miss You" after the song by Ta-ku."

A Day With Lynn Do

"Can you take in the environment openly? Do you see beauty in every corner, alley, sewer, and aerosol brush stroke? I do. And he does. What's better than going through these experiences alone is sharing it with a dear friend. Friendship is such a loose term. You could have just met them. You could start as unlikely friends. You could know them since grade school. Time doesn't matter. What matters is that you both see beauty and eagerly want to create."