by Lynn Kim Do

A Neckbreakin' Short Film | "I Miss You"

"This is the first of several short films that Anthony King of MoonCulture Films will be directing. We wanted to create videos that really came from an instantaneous moment and feeling. No month or weeks of planning in advance. Really putting the "personal" in personal style. This video is called "I Miss You" after the song by Ta-ku."

Dress - Vintage // Plaid Flannel - American Apparel // Sandals - Mango 

I can never truly control who or what I miss. I think that feeling is familiar to everyone. The way the past just sneaks up on you like a bad trip. I wish that feeling would at least knock. At least leave me a note in the front door before his ghost just walks right in, uses up all of my clean mugs, leaves his shoes in my room, and cigarette butts on my table. Leaving me no choice but to forcibly kick him out. Mentally break into my own home and take back control. Sometimes, that works. Sometimes, it takes longer to work. But there is no choice, it has to work.

The romantic in me won't let this, at times - gut wrenching feeling, stop me from creating more memories. More fond memories with potential "forever-him". Every story is different but most end the same way. Don't lose hope, though. Allow yourself to feel, feel hard and end hard. The harder, the better. Because the motto is "if it isn't hard, then it wasn't right." This is what this video embodies. The subtle feeling of slightly fond nostalgia of missing "him" or "her". Let it come and remind you how great it was, like the way the sand scratches and caresses your face. But just as quickly it came, let it go. It ended for a reason.