Paris Doors & Stores

"Paris has given me many things. Many of the newly implanted ideas and experiences are still are in the process of being consciously put together. And of course, meaning assignment takes time, weeks, maybe even months to fully understand. However, one of the biggest and most apparent influences is how it has aesthetically inspired me. To my spur of creation in all aspects from social, design, to wardrobe."

A Pep In My Step | A Good Vibe Playlist

"Some days, we start off on the wrong foot. And then there are these exceptional days, we wake up feeling like we're floating. No one can touch you, not even your cat. You're hovering several inches from the ground all the way to the bathroom. Here are some soundtracks to your morning that will guarantee the best day ever." 

Higher Than Water Towers

"Amongst trying to collect what all the traveling has taught me, my earlier past have also creeped into my consciousness. It has made me realize how far I've gone. Sometimes life gives you opportunities to be grateful, to remember, and to not take your achievements for granted. Yes, my environment has changed. My friends have changed. My career has changed. But so have I. I am moving upwards and forward and we all should."

NYFW with my Woes

"This season, I was lucky to have my ladies by my side. Besides the very obvious reasons, like it's just more fun with your main bishes by your side -- we just get it. Just like a very necessary stop to Ricky's for bandaids and shoe cushions or tequila peer pressure shots at noon. Hey, this is a no judgement zone. "

You Can't Sit With Us

"On the other side of the color expectancy, Mai and I come together for a whole different side of sass. Just as much as we remember that social walk from the locker to the classroom, leaving that permanent drool stain on your desk, ordering plates and plates of fries for lunch because that and pizza was your only food groups, we will also never forget the days we DID NOT go to school."


"Mai and I have came together to release a two part series with plenty of back to school satire based on our favorite movies and the nostalgic school years we miss so much. If you're still in school, we say, "lucky, son of a bishes!" And to those who graduated just like us, "yes to plenty of happy hours, we sure need it to survive!" *clink*. "