by Lynn Kim Do

Babes at 6B | Hawaii

What's better than traveling itself -- sitting on the softest sand while you bury your feet in it, floating on clear blue waters with the sweetest and nurturing waters, grooving to culturally driven music, and eating the strangest food just to say you can and you did -- is who you're doing all of this with. If you're lucky, you get a travel companion that is your best friend, your room-mate, and a fellow badass. Tina Maria was just exactly that. The Babes at 6B came to Honolulu, saw it, and conquered. Here is a recap of our adventures. Yes, we saw strippers and Rev Run. And yes, we ate poke and mocha ice-cream. No, we didn't move there for good. But we thought about it. Mahalo!

Video by Chris Payne