by Lynn Kim Do

Brunch at Beautique

Beautique Restaurant in New York City just began serving Brunch last month. Add it to your brunch list on the Note section of your iPhone folks! Here is the step by step experience at this modern, sleek yet romantic American restaurant for a Sunday Brunch.

Google Maps is suggesting that I head all the way to the bottom of Central Park in order to get to my brunch destination - Beautique. The smell of horse feces, fresh touristy European sweat, and one too many sightings of women dressed in fur coats remind me that I've arrived in the right area. I'm never here. And maybe for good reasons. I'm more of an East Village kinda gal.

I follow the blue dot with the tiny arrow on my App closely -- "Keep going straight. It'll be on your left." Why is there no sign for this restaurant?!

Ah, here it is! Bumping right into the doorman, he opens my door and adds, "Woah, why are there so many pretty ladies coming in? Tell me you ladies are all together." What? "Well, let me know if the girl in the red is with you." I suppose I should be flattered. 

I immediately noticed the decoration on the right. Karl Lagerfeld's face is on a human-size poker card. A champagne tower is set-up filled with, you guessed it, champagne. And, a completely staged table in all it's vacancy sits there where I can tell many people have occupied briefly just to take an Instagram photo. I'm sure the tourists eat this shit up. 

Walking down a beautiful set of stairs, I see my date - the always beautiful and sweet Mai of Little Mai Sunshine. And of course, she's the culprit in red. "You made quite an impression, Mai," as I begin to tell her of her not-so-secret admirer at the door. "He's your type, too." Not really.

The hostess guides us to our table. At 1:20pm, there aren't many people seated. They seat us at a corner booth. Perfect, I can see everything! Behind us and above our heads are beautiful lit up glassware. The DJ isn't too far from us spinning some deep house. What an atmosphere! Mai and I spend about fifteen minutes, or maybe more, a substantial time talking about the decor. Because it was indeed gorgeous.

The waitress greets us. The normal routine unfolds - water, coffee, pouring, menus, and then time, time allowed to do the real work. The real work being the food decision, of course. There are unsaid rules to dining, if you want to do it right. For instance, you don't order the same thing, you must both agree on the appetizer, if one person drinks, the other should too. "Okay, I'll get the frittata and you'll get the french toast. We'll share. Oh, the caviar deviled eggs? Yes, please." It was too easy. The menu made it easy. Every dish sounded phenomenal. 

Didn't notice how much time had passed before the deviled eggs and then the entrees arrive. Good conversation can do that. Childhoods, stupid boys, where we see our lives in five years. Very adult topics. Some gossip snuck in. No topics are ever off the table. I take a moment to glance around the restaurant. More people are here. All beautiful. All well-dressed. Wait, is she wearing a bodycon dress at 1:40pm? Yup, she is. All hip and young. I can't even be too mad at the girl in full club gear because she rocks it. Can't knock a girl for working it!

The food is placed in front of us. Several camera snaps later. Some oohs and aahs ensue. Then complete silence as my mouth met the fork. And repeat. Then Mai and I switch plates like one would switch partners mid-dance. By the end of the meal, a couple words on what we thought of the actual food were exchanged. After all, the food is the main act. 

We both agreed that the atmosphere trumped the food. Not by much but Beautique is an impressive restaurant because it attracts beautiful people with it's elegant yet hip vibe. They succeed in the sophisticated decor, the great music and DJ choice, and the crowd that they draw in. It's definitely a place that calls for an occasion, like a birthday brunch which the table to the right of us seemed to have suggested. The food is not bad but none of their dishes really struck out to me. I will come back because I did have a great time and I loved the vibe. I will recommend it for anyone looking to dress up (any reason to dress up sounds good to me), grab a couple ladies, and enjoy some mimosas during brunch. 

Photos by Lynn Kim Do