by Lynn Kim Do

Monochromatic by Choice | ft. In Support Of

When a shop takes a brave decision to support the underdogs, I can't help but give them a mental applause. After all, we are always presented with choices. What we decide to do in these opportunities defines who we are as human beings and as individuals. In Support Of, a retail concept shop who chooses to only focus on new talent, just gained a fan -- me.  So, my gals and I are here to serve you some serious Winter Looks in designers curated by In Support Of. Starting with this Monochromatic trend... 

It seems like life is really just a series of choices. And can probably be defined as so. Like instead of telling people your age in numbers, what if we just tell people a recent major life decision.  

A: How old are you?
B: Well, I just purchased a dog that I will be committed to for decades. That's longer than any relationship I ever had. Also, I would voluntarily feed her, unwillingly pick up her shit, and dress her up despite what she wants. And her name is Santa. 

Okay, maybe that's too abstract. I can see how that could easily go wrong or just be plain annoying. I believe that choices play a huge part in being human. There's something courageous and admirable about making a definite choice, especially the hard ones that makes you throw up a little at the thought of the potential consequences. The unknown. Honestly, I go through life just hoping to god I look left and right before I cross the street. 

I bring up this topic because when I walked into the little brick and mortar shop situated in Meatpacking, I was blatantly face palmed with their very brave choice. It could be the grass on the wall or the cool sales chick playing some sick ass tunes. Or it could be the store's clever name -- In Support Of. But in a city filled with designer names and brands that have crossed multiple generations, In Support Of chose to skip, dip, and dash on the opposite side of the road. They are making and have made a conscious choice to root for the underdogs. I have always had a thing for underdogs. I think their exact words are -- "We believe in bringing people together and showcasing talent." They support designers who have a unique eye and story, who needs someone to tell them -- yes, I believe in you, and to provide us, the consumers, the opportunity to be introduced to the artists' work and name. So yeah, I really appreciate this boutique neatly tucked in Meatpacking. You've caught my attention and many others, including my gals -- Tina Maria of Jean Rex and Aileen of The Style Boro.

This is why we have decided to collaborate with In Support Of and their sick brands to serve some serious Winter Looks. So no, you probably haven't heard of any of these designers before. But yes, you're going to fall in love. The two part series begins with a trend that seems to be catching relentless fire -- Monochrome. We each wore one color and one color only. Using the variety of pieces available at In Support Of, we were able to pull together our outfits without compromising our individuality and unique aesthetic. The all blue sporty attire that DMX would approve. The all white casual coolness that makes The Pink Panther pick up bleach. The all black glam look with a side of scuba sassiness. Now the secret to getting the most out of a Monochromatic outfit is to play with texture and lines within the same color. For instance, Tina paired her black neoprene dress with black fur. Aileen combined the white velvet top with a white cotton trench. My all blue satin look utilizes a bit of mesh to break it up. Monochromatic outfits are absolutely effortless. I can assure you that most of these monochromatic looks are as easy as it looks. No catfishing here. Go into your closet, pick a color, and take some chances. The worse thing that can happen is that you're matching. And that's never a bad thing according to my mother. 

Photos by  Erika of Hague NYC
Babes: Tina Maria of Jean Rex & Aileen of The Style Boro