by Lynn Kim Do

3 Resolutions For 2016

Before I begin to think about the past, often times, I try to picture my future first. At the turn of the new year, I visually imagine where I'd like to be. Then more importantly, I take a good look at where I am now, who I'm surrounded by, and what I am currently doing. I woke up January 1, 2016 feeling like it wasn't just any other day. I woke up in the same bed but my bed was now in a new space. Just like how the same person I've known and explored was the same person but now in a new place. It looks different and feels different. Everything around it is different. So without further fluff (and to stick with my first New Year's Resolution), here are my Three 2016 Resolutions. 

Top - DIY // Wrapped Up Coat - C/MEO Collective // One Life Skirt - C/MEO Collective // Robbie Sandals - Senso // Clutch - Mary Lai 

1. Quality over Quantity
2015 was all about saying yes, yes, yes and more, more, more. Travel more. Do more. Buy more. Make more. Love more. Give more. More is more is more. Phew, that was exhausting. I have a ton of pictures to show for, more memories to retell, and a very unhappy bank account to answer to. And while it was fun and worth every single second, I'm ready for a brand new mantra. 2016 has left me feeling the need to simplify. I walked into 2016 with as little baggage as possible, literally with selling things and moving from East Harlem to Bushwick the day  before New Years and mentally as I say goodbye to the people who were there just to ride the Lynn Do train. The train has left and isn't coming back to pick up those it left behind.

As oppose to 2015, I no longer have the strong desire to find myself. I know who I am, enough to feel grounded. I know who my friends are. I know what I want. And I know what I want to do the next second and day. Maybe, even next week if I get a calendar notification. So I won't spread myself thin this year. I'm going to be picky. I'm going to build instead of try to cover a wide amount of space. I'm going to stack on the foundation I've spent 24 years to make. I'm ready.

Get rid of excess. Physically & mentally. Get rid of the clothes I never wear. Get rid of the friends that's never there. Don't allow myself to be a convenience. Let go of anyone who only comes to me, needs me or wants me, on their own time. Live and breathe my new minimal mantra.  I've learned that more options doesn't make it better, it makes things complicated. Trust my gut and learn to say no more often. I've always believed that the moment you can say 'No' is the moment when you've made it. I've said enough yes's. I've learned from my mistakes and even quieted that little logic fairy flying over my head. But the luxury of realizing that you've said enough yes's is gaining the privilege to say no. So no, I don't feel FOMO on the random turn ups, online "link ups," or that extra shot of tequila. The answer is no.

2. Finish Everything I Start
This leads to my second resolution. This is by far my favorite resolution that I've ever made. It will also be the second time I will adopt it. The first time I made this resolution, I was a senior in High School. I remember the adolescent struggles and issues made as large as the atomic bomb. I was casted as a broom in a Beauty and the Beast school play. I don't remember there being a broom in Beauty and the Beast either. Maybe because there wasn't one. During the play, I wore a hula straw skirt and a brown tank top. I had to purchase stage shoes which I've since then burned and spread its ashes to my fishes. I also had to wear the kind of makeup even clowns looked down upon. My acting teacher had a talent for PMSing 24/7 and wore different color leggings with a graphic tee every single day. So yeah, it was one of my most miserable experiences. I would've done anything to quit and live my perfectly care-free life spitting O's from flavored tobacco at my local hookah bar. But I stuck through every rehearsal held conveniently on weekends. I sat through hours of scenes where I wasn't involved. I stuck through the cliquey drama circle that overlapped with the band clique and heard all their inner quarrels (which I shamelessly enjoyed). I started it, I said I was going to do it, and I couldn't quit. And although it was absolutely soul killing, I was glad I made it all the way through. Finishing something, even though the process was pain staking, feels even better than it would be to quit mid-way. And honestly, I really liked the people in the cast. I could've done without the teacher but those kids know how to live at the age of 17!

Be picky and specific about what I start. The next step is to write it down and begin to tell anyone and everyone. I find it easier when I surround myself with the goal or commitment. Make a list. Write it in my calendar. Jot it in the notes app. Put it on a sticky note. Tell everyone. Hold myself accountable and make myself accountable in front of others. It's also nice to hear people support what I'm doing. For example, I'm starting the year with a dry January. Not a single sip of alcohol for one month (maybe more). I began telling my friends and some have even agreed to join. So when we all go out, I'm not the only one sipping club soda. I also don't get the guilt trip for "not having fun." If that's not love, I don't know what it is.

From the gym routine I always wanted to commit to, the book I always wanted to finish, or the acting class I always wanted to take, I must start and then finish it with conviction.

3. Be More Grateful
I want to practice daily gratefulness. There are plenty of things that surfaced when I moved to Bushwhick that makes me realize how lucky I am. To have a roof over my head. To have the friends that I have. To work creatively every single day and get paid to do so. To be able to breathe each day. To be on this Earth. I want people to feel the positive notes from the tone of my voice to the positive energy exuding from my body.

To start, I'm going to make a HAPPY JAR. I got this idea many years ago from no other than Mai of Little Mai Sunshine. Her blog title even bleeds happiness. It's absolutely brilliant for the practice of gratitude. Write down all the successes, big or little, each week, each day. See it pile up, maybe even spill over, and read it in 1/1/17. Change my perspective when I am put in an unideal situation. When someone body checks me in the street, understand that they might be in a rush to a fancy restaurant to get down on one knee and propose or she is about to miss a court hearing that will decide if she is convicted of tax evasion, or he just really needs to take a poo. That always makes me laugh. And when I laugh, I find myself getting angry less. In my office building, people walk by the building manager stationed in front of the door every single day. He minds his own business and the visitors and regulars mind theirs. I started saying good morning to him every day. Because he isn't invisible and his smile makes my day. Compliment people genuinely, they will appreciate it. Say thank you as often as possible. Text and call people just because I thought of them.

I hope this inspires you to make meaningful changes in 2016.

 Photos by Pizzi