by Lynn Kim Do


What exactly is #VDAYGOALS?

First, let me tell you what it's not. It's not the reservation at a fancy-shmancy restaurant with the four kinds of forks on your table. It's not the dozen roses sent to your job so that all your co-workers can see how happy you are. It's not about the corny Hallmark card, the box of chocolate, or the expensive piece of jewelry. In fact, it's about appreciating the relationship you have even if you need a national made-up holiday to remind you to do so.

My earliest Valentine’s memory is of my Mother. Growing up, she was always our—my brothers and I—Valentine’s Day date. She would come home with three equal sized goody bags filled with a pound of chocolate heart candies, a jar of pencils with oversized heart erasers at the top, 16 packets of sniff-and-scratch stickers each, and Scooby-Do Valentine’s day cards. You can say that she easily cleaned out a CVS store just for us. That's love.

Then, as I grew older, it evolved to what society has taught me. And then it became exhausting, then appalling after I found out the origin (something about a murder and a saint—strange ass story), and now I’m at a I’m-going-to-do-it-my-way kind of Valentines, the Neckbreakin’ way.

So what is #VDAYGOALS? Follow this list to best achieve.

#1. Get Violent 
with soft pillows, of course. Preferably, on a bed.

#2. Don’t Share 
especially, if it’s chocolate. And especially, if there are caramel clusters in there!

#3. If You Must Swag, Swag Together 
like in these Vestment robes & ic! berlin sunnies. P.S. they’re made for outdoors, too. Skinny dipping permitted.

#4. Look Ma, No Hands 
A friendly competition goes a long way, like who can eat the most sour patch kids & gummy bears with no hands. I won.

#5. Meals Are Better Deconstructed 
like chocolate milk and whole milk in respective wine glasses, a cigar, and two bowls of cereal. Don’t let any of these parts touch except when they're in your mouth, of course.  

#6. Drink Irresponsibly  
as in shake a bottle of champagne until you’re deathly afraid of it and then make it rain in the shower. But listen kids, don’t drink and drive. 

Danny Delavie (who gets to celebrate his birthday every year on the day of love—HAPPY BIRTHDAY!) and I hope everyone has a quirky and memorable Valentine’s Day. And we sure hope you achieve #VDAYGOALS this year!