by Lynn Kim Do

NYFW FW16 | 5 Tips To Prep

Each year, Fashion Week and I gain a more and more complicated relationship. We hate to love each other and love to hate each other. Actually, feelings aren't entirely mutual but you get my drift. The great thing about being an avid Fashion Week attendee is that I now get to avoid all the bumps and whoops. Or at least most of it. Here are 5 tips to prep for one of the most anticipated Fashion holidays in New York. 

Long Overcoat - Reformation (similar) // Long Plaid Button-Up - Nasty Gal // Navy Twill Sunset Jogger - Rustic Dime // Paten Burgundy Booties - Zara // BYCHARI The Collar - Alekka 

Pushes optical the brim of her thin nose, adjusts her pencil skirt so it falls comfortably upon the hips, pulls out a ruler, and smacks the back of my hand. And that is how the phrase, "Preparation is the key to success," was instilled in me.

Fashion week is tomorrow. Ironically, I have the same stages of feelings towards it as I do to tequila. 
Utter excitement.
Some doubt.
Quickly forget it.
More adrenaline.
Pure exhaustion.
Condemn it forever.
Do it again. 
So down to the days before Fashion Week, I stick to a couple rigid rules to keep my sanity in check and to keep my hangover (metaphorically and literally) to a minimum.

1. Find A Fashion Compadre
Luckily, my fashion pal is also my pal in real life. DOUBLE WIN. Trust me, shows, events, and presentations are more fun with someone by your side to coordinate the crazy weeklong schedule with, remind one another to eat, to encourage bad (and some good) choices, to take Instagram photos of one another, to talk shit or quickly applaud a new collection, and to lean on when you are running on empty, smacks you in the face, hands you a dose of real life, and throws you back in the game. I trust no one with this feat and will like to spend Fashion Week with no other than Mai of Little Mai Sunshine--my disgusting ball of positive ray of light and rainbows (gag).

2. Pack Smart, Yet Light 
I have began to carry my own personalized emergency clutch in my tote bags. It includes concealer, blotting paper, hydrating facial spray, mints, slightly tinted lip balm, and a small tin of pure shea butter for dry hands, patches, or hair flyaways. Have sample sizes so they are compact enough to fit in a small yet fashionable zip-up pouch. They're like a small refresh button when you need that extra pick-me-up, which is every 3/4 hours for me. It may or may not include a mirror pep talk.
One more suggestion--pack protein bars. I am obsessed with Quest Bars with 25g of protein and 3 net carbs. Protein provides you energy to keep your A Game strong. Contrary to what most people think, protein bars are more efficient than granola bars packed with sugar and....granola. You need energy, not a filler. The bars shouldn't replace your meals if you have time to eat. But it's great for when you don't see yourself eating for another 2 hours and your body is about to hit that HANGRY phase. Also, alcohol doesn't have protein so this will give you at least what you need to go ahead and skip the omelet for a Bloody Mary. 

3. Make A Calendar 
Mai and I have been borderline compulsive with our NYFW FW16 calendar. We tinker with it, add events, delete events, and adjust appointments about 60 times a day. I look at my calendar just as much as I check my text messages. I've even scheduled my outfits for each day, which I have really enjoyed because I get another 15 minutes of sleep. I also never get a case of outfit-regret. Events--check. Outfits--check. Photographers--check. Blog posts timeline--check. Bathroom break--check. 

4. Schedule Down Time
Which leads me to this very very important advice--Schedule down time. I can't stress this enough. Yes, you're young. Am am I. Yes, you've done 48 hour drink binges. As have I. But nothing compares to 5 shoes back to back with nothing but coffee, champagne, and fashion to inhale. So please take my kind advice and don't overbook yourself. Your health is the most important. In our extensive calendar, Mai and I made sure that we had slots to eat, take photos, or take some R&R. We also have this unspoken agreement to not push each other too too far if one is feeling under the weather. And of course, amidst the networking, business transactions, and potential partnerships, make sure you have some fun.

5. If you must drink, drink in good company.
As you probably have became well aware of by now, drinking is my preferential vice. This doesn't work in my favor when it is a full week long of 12 hours of open opportunities to indulge. So I don't. I've always believed in picking my battles, and I tend to choose to win. I limit myself to coffee and water during the day time. Black coffee, to be specific. Sugary drinks and milk can make your face bloat. I choose not to drink unless it with great company or after a really shitty moment (which comes more often than not). My beverage of choice is usually champagne. Champagne is actually good for you. Okay, okay, not like it's the fountain of youth but it has the same exact heart benefits as Red Wine at two-thirds of the calories. For a stiffer choice, I opt for my go-to concoction--vodka soda. It doesn't give me a huge hangover the next morning and is as straightforward as drinks come. And at after parties, I try not to pass the belligerent point of no return. Because at the end of the day, remember why I am there or why you are there. We are essentially branding ourselves at this sick as party but it's still a networking party. And being sloppy ain't cute. 

Photos by Pedro 
Babe: Mai of Little Mai Sunshine