by Lynn Kim Do

NYFW FW16 | Farewell


Long Overcoat - The Reformation (similar) // White Sheer Floral Dress - See U Soon // Full Green Skirt - Bambah // White Boots - Zara (similar) // Green Handbag - Salvatore Ferragamo

Each tap on my keyboard feels like one large step the the rolling dessert dunes, similar to the ones in The Little Prince, trekking several days without water, delusions picking up in shape of a young boy...from outer space. Huh? Yes, Still a brilliant book. The right side of my head, or perhaps it is my mind, concaves in, throbbing for some space, air, anything. I have diagnosed myself—caffeine withdrawal, which was conveniently foreshadowed when Mai was telling me the story on how her boyfriend spent a day without caffeine and suffered common withdrawal side effects like headaches and vomiting. Our conversation led to an unforgiving paranoia, which then fulfilled itself. Ow. Ow. Ow.

I have survived another season of New York Fashion Week (NYFW). {insert prayer hands} And Mai and I have solemnly swear that we will no longer participate anymore, nope, not going to do it, hell no—Okay, I’m a liar. Of course we will do it. And I will forget about this headache, the long nights, sleepless hours, early mornings, caffeine and champagne binging, and over-calculated brunches, shows, selfies, posting schedule, and photoshoots. Or the late night twisted Twitter confessions—“I need a bottle of Xanax and a box of pizza. #NYFW.” One of two of those things was happily ingested post-NYFW.

So yeah, NYFW wasn’t glamorous. In fact, it is never glamorous. I don’t think I could stress that enough. However, let me lay one more truth—it was all worth it. The fashion equivalent of voluntary self-torture has way more benefits than disadvantages. All subjective. Over the past seven days, I have met some of the raddest individuals. Ever. And had the blessings to create some of my favorite visual content thus far in collaboration with them.

And I am not saying that lightly. These individuals are those that don’t just casually skip into my life, these are the kind of quality people that are here to leave bigger indents. I met phenomenal photographers who took angles of me I never knew existed and possibly stole my soul in a good way. I met designers and closely explored their inspiration. I met fellow influencers who could’ve easily fooled me as my childhood bestie. And I met a ton of people who liked drinking and/or coffee as much as I did. Amidst this, I was also able to see a few lovely individuals who I haven’t seen in a while. Because life seems to get in the way, way too often. And last but not least, I had the incredible opportunity to spend my entire NYFW with the true Partner in Crime and sanity savior—Mai of Little Mai Sunshine. All of these creative souls’, whether he is the designer for a luxury robe niche, two risk-taking Parson post-grad designers, a photographer who traveled thousands of miles away from her homeland to chase a dream, a 20 year old editor who hates Taylor Swift, or an amazing PR chick that recently tried Tindr for the first time, their capabilities do not stop at me. Their personality, their passion bleeds beyond me.

Thus, they will live and continue to bleed beyond NYFW.

So cheers to the future. The future of NYFW because I have a grand feeling that the structure of this long-standing model will change, unexpectedly yet for the better. The future of Neckbreakin’ Style because the influence I’ve gained and the inspiration I’ve acquired from the new FW16 collections, from the people who touched me having evolved my aesthetic. And the future of me—Lynn Kim Do—as I continue grinding towards my passion, as I begin new ones, and end several.

 Photos by Travis
Babe: Mai of Little Mai Sunshine