by Lynn Kim Do

Sheets To Streets

Robe - Vestment Clothing // Overcoat - The Reformation (similar) // Lace Up Bodysuit - The Reformation (similar) // Air Max - Nike

On Saturday mornings, there are very few, I'm talking minuscule, things that can convince me to get out of bed. Food is one of them. So when my stomach is having a full blown dialogue with itself, better yet, with an Italian pitch, I will crawl out of my cloud-like oasis to enter the stone-cold real world. The stone-cold world is my only chance at getting my tummy to stfu. The only problem is, the stone-cold real world also wants me to put clothes on. I mean, really, why is it illegal to walk outside naked? Dogs can do it. So how do I resolve a dilemma that includes adjectives like laziness, comfort, and stylish...just to get food? I do the only thing I can think of--I make some of the things I already have on work to create a more socially-accepted outfit. On any given Saturday or Sunday, you might catch me on the street or meet me for brunch in the sports bra I wore to bed the night before as a risqué top or leggings to create an athleisure (my new favorite word) look. So yes, I'm going to wear a robe over a coat and rock the shit out of it.

How do you take a robe from the bedroom to the real world, you ask? Well, Vestment makes it a little too easy but here are my three rules on really conquering this feat. They're too simple to forget.

Rule 1.  First off, don't give a fuck

Rule 2.Layer up, keep going.
Okay, now take one off.

Rule 3.Carry that neckbreakin' mentality beyond a moment. Aka swag on.

Photos by Andrew Morales of Life in Reverie
Babes: Alexandra Dieck of Lexicon Of Style