by Lynn Kim Do

Three Instagram Worthy Cafes | Midtown NYC

There's two kinds of Staycationers. There are those who never leave their rooms. I applaud your netflix binging, room service indulging, and real genuine efforts at relaxation. Then there's people like me and Mai, who is currently suffering cabin fever... 
Here are three Instagram Worthy Cafes in Midtown NYC!

Three Instagram Worthy Cafes | Midtown NYC

If someone is to ask me to describe my idea of a perfect date,  I will have to say April 25th. Because it's not too hot, not too cold. I will surgically take out my heart to the first guy that suggests cafe hopping as a first date. Until I find my morbid soul mate, at least I have someone who shares my obsession with almond milk letters, understands it, and encourages it--my bestie, my blogger partner in crime, my ride or die bish--Mai of Little Mai Sunshine. She also equally dies at the sight of perfect lighting. I mean, how perfect is she??? Swoon. Luckily, Executive Hotel Le Soleil New York is walking distance to some cafes that I have been itching to step foot in. So, here are some perfectly lit, perfectly caffeinated, and perfectly sexy barista equipped cafes that are simply too good to pass up, simply too easy to walk to, and simply too pretty not to Instagram.

1. Space Gabi | Hidden Art Gem

Must try: Almond Milk Green Tea Latte and Almond Milk Sweet Potato Latte

I'm not sure how long Space Gabi has been open because I'm sure I've walked past it a million times. I will tell you that I feel some serious FOMO for not knowing about this cool space earlier. Space Gabi is a gem I almost don't want to share in fear that it'll draw crowds and I wouldn't be able to escape in this oasis conveniently several blocks away from my job. But I'm a sharer. And that's mean. And sometimes, I like to be nice. It's situated right near K-Town and the space does have a Korean heritage flair, but it doesn't stop there. They share new artwork that changes quite often. Need a way to see if someone is actually cool or pretending to be? Take them here and ask them what they think. You have to love a certain amount of freedom of expression to fully appreciate this cafe. 

2. Rose Bakery |  Uppidy & Underground ­

Must try: Scone with Clotted Cream and House-made Jam, Lemon Tart, and Green Tea Latte

First off, I never knew a neighborhood called Rose Hill exists. So, I'm going to just make the assumption that Rose Bakery's name came from Rose Hill. But honestly, this place is so cool, too cool even, that maybe Rose Hill adopted their name from Rose Bakery? Yes, it's bordering the Upper East Side crowd. That means you're going to bump into the pretentious label obsessed individuals that usually come to the cafe in pairs or some foreigners who just finished shopping on Madison Ave. The servers also have a strange air of self-absorption but listen, I live in New York City and, you, I forgive you because I'm pretty cocky myself. The bakery slash brunch spot slash coffee shop is located right in Dover Market--a dope spot to begin with. This lower ground cafe is the whip cream and cherry on top of the entire establishment. Bravo! FYI, you're going to want to take photos of everything because this place is too pretty. TOO TOO PRETTY. I don't know how many times I can say pretty. It's freaking pretty. 

 3. Culture Espresso |  Cult Coffee

Must try: Espresso (duh) and variety of Dough Donuts

Culture Espresso has been on my list of must-try since I've moved to New York. It has been mentioned by plenty of magazines, multiple foodie heavy hitters have made pitstops here, and I've seen Culture Espresso images hit my newsfeed every now and then at which my tummy would then swelll up with envy. The most fascinating thing about this cafe is it's location. It's in Midtown. Why is that weird? If you live in New York, Midtown is not a place you go to. Midtown is a place you get stuck at because wither you work around there, need to go to Port Authority or Penn Station, or you're a tourist and you suck at life. So the idea that a cult coffeeshop is located here is major. The fact that every walks of life enters here which is evident by the people in the massive line--bearded men, foreigners, women in pencil skirts, women with strollers, hipsters, you name it...they're here. And for good reasons, the decor is precious, the coffee is phenomenal, and they have DOUGH doughnuts. Done, done, and done. 

Photos by Pedro 
Babe: Mai of Little Mai Sunshine