by Lynn Kim Do

Period. (not the punctuation mark)

How taboo can I really get here? Well let’s talk about the one thing that women shy away from in almost every conversation and a topic that men avoid like the plague—the female menstruation. Can you imagine your first date topic being about your cycle? Yeah, I didn’t think so. 

Note that I said “female menstruation” because it awfully feels like men experience PMS symptoms, too. I wanted to challenge myself, and you, too, to talk about something hella uncomfortable. Afterall, it is a very natural part of the magical and beautiful female body. What is there to be ashamed off? Yes, it plagues us for about one week out of the month. Yes, we send each other Ryan Gosling memes to get through the day. Pizza becomes a food group. Wine replaces water. 8 cups a day, right? “Girl, I can’t go out tonight…cause cramps” is a very valid excuse to skip bar night. I get you, babe! And when the bae makes you a Period Playlist and seamless you a bouquet of french fries with a side of a milkshake, than yeah, he is a keeper. (insert prayer hands)

I do believe that the topic of menstruation is getting some well-deserved attention—from the FDA improperly monitoring tampons to the subway unsuccessful throw-down on Thinx ads. During my heavy SXSW stalking, I came upon some great brands through TechStyle. One of them is Kali. Kali is a tampon subscription box. I know what you’re thinking….”what?” right? There’s Birchbox, shaving box, dog box, beard box...and now a period box? GENIUS! Kali does a couple of things right here. It is 100% organic and socially conscious. It comes straight to your mailbox every month without a thought or a single effort, so say goodbye to those frustrating makeshift-Frankenstein-pad situations. The packaging is a minimal girl's dream. If we’re going to put something in our body for several hours, let it be organic at least. Kali is the menstruation holy grail for millennials. And to make my insides feel a ton better, $1 of each Kali box sold will be donated to Girl Up, the United Nations Foundation’s Adolescent Girl Campaign. So go ahead and join the Kali revolution. Because I have. 

  Photos by Pedro Morales