by Lynn Kim Do

Bourbon For Breakfast

Shoutout to my babes out there who pour a little too much bourbon in their coffee mug on any given Sunday. Nothing screams hangover cure like a spiked hot cup of liquid caffeine heaven.
You call it an Irish coffee. I call it necessary. 
You call it problem. I call it problem-solving.

Waking up this morning with threats of snow on the first Sunday of April gives me every right, no, every duty, to drink. To forget. Getting dressed this morning and finding out brunch is cancelled is like telling me Christmas is cancelled this year. Did your jaw just drop, too? Because my face is all sorts of twisted right now, in pure frustration. Nothing feels worse than getting absolutely adorable and then having no one to see it. I was excited to show off my impeccable sense of brunch steez to my gals. I mean, for god sake, I’m wearing Shapeways’ 3D printed jewelry and I have no one to talk to about it, no one to see the creative arrangement on my body. Did you also just nod in utter relatable agreement with me?

If I’m not going to brunch, brunch will just have to come to me. And a brunch is not complete without an impressive bottle of whiskey to drown in. Hello, Michters' whiskey. Yes, I just smirked. I was introduced to Michters and Shapeways during a press preview at TechStyle during SXSW and I literally fell in love. I am usually a Vodka Soda girl. It requires a very special morning, like this one, to make a great cup of spiked coffee (or even hot spiked cider). And nothing goes better with my coffee than a hand decked brass from Shapeways. Forget the smoke salmon benedict, if my cupboard only has frosted flakes. Then frosted flakes will just have to do!

So go ahead, my cozy neckbreakin' bunnies, get out of your cozy bed three hours after your snooze button, get a little cute with some hand candy, like how amazing is this lion ring that was literally 3D printed (WHAT!), pull out the entire bottle of whisky, yup, like the size of this Michters' whisky, and pour it to your heart's desire, add some milk and sugar, and viola. That’s a perfect Sunday.

  Photos by Pedro Morales