by Lynn Kim Do

Neckbreakin' How-To: Monochromatic Looks

That may have also been the last time I took any advice from my mother. Okay, that is a lie, of course, because her many years of life-living proved very helpful during my dramatic break-ups and my once-a-month food poisoning holistic healing. And as life would have it, she is right once again.

Matchy-matchy is in, ladies and neckbreakers. And you know what they say—“Your mother is always right." I’ve teamed up with Daily Mail to give you 4 simple steps to achieve this matchy-matchy trend also known as Monochrome for the Spring/Summer. With three colors in mind—red, blue, and nude, you’ll be sure to find a color that resonates with your soul. Just make sure you dance a lot.

Video with the help of Thaya, Laura, and, of course, Daily Mail