by Lynn Kim Do

Oh, Times Square


I could blame all the tourists blocking up the walk way just to get that very typical photo (I am judging you), the Spanish speaking Elmo forcing me to take a photo with him (the answer is forever no!), or my absurd (or very real) paranoia that I will get pick-pocketed in my own city. Yet, somewhere deep-deep-very deep inside of me is an acute fondness for this hell hole. Ah, I know, I know. Please don't revoke my cool card. Or do, I don't really care. In a way, I guess, it's the same way I love to hate Taylor Swift. In the beginning, it seems like a good idea until it isn't.

Sweater Romper - SheIn // Kurt Denim Jacket - Threadworkshop // Hattie Strap High Heels - Public Desire // Cube Ring, Basic Brass Ring, Hoop Ring, Spiral Cord Ring, Triad Ring  - Brass Paper Smith 
Photos by Daniela Spector 
Written By Lynn Kim Do