by Lynn Kim Do

Street Talk | Tomorrow (A Poem)

Some days need tomorrow desperately

I wrote this poem on the subway as I rode back home from a day of events that seems all too irrelevant. However, there was one consistent set of thoughts, images, even clips that was caught in my mind in webs that I can’t seem to clear. And I shouldn’t. I shouldn’t even if I desperately wanted to. The fact is that there is loss. People are dying over perception, biasness, and…hate.

At 1 AM, my roommate starts screaming my name from across the apartment. Her voice is low. As in, she is literally crouching on the ground.
“Do you hear that?!”
“…is that fireworks or gunshots?”
“I don’t know. I don’t want to go near the window and look…”
I approach the window. Smoke rises from the ground. There’s red everywhere—red paper.
“It’s fireworks. Like a very long string of fireworks…like Chinese fireworks.”
And, then I look at her. She is shaken up, terror in her eyes. And she says, “I thought it was gunshots. I was so scared.”
"Are you going to be okay?"
She looks at me. Confused as to what to feel, how to feel, and what had just happened, she says, "I think so."

And the reality is, this is a very real fear now.

Several hours before these kids decided to line up our block and light up a ton of fireworks, my roommate and I were sitting on our couch talking about Alton Sterling and Philando Castile…and then the police shooting in Dallas. It was and still is a solemn time. And then this… If this same scenario happened couple weeks ago, we would’ve just thought it was fireworks. Silly kids that we could probably relate to. We would give them mental dabs. I mean, at 16 years old, I would’ve done it myself. If I had enough Chinese explosives to line a street. It would be epic. I would laugh with my friends and we would talk about it for years, decades. But we’re not in that world anymore.

We need love. We deserve love. Let us love.

Photo by Vivi of Vivi Academy
Written By Lynn Kim Do