by Lynn Kim Do

My Metal Sheet Heart

When I walk into this installation that is quite literally larger than life itself, it's hard not to be overwhelmed by the stature of these large metal sheets envisioned and created by Richard Serra. I begin to think—How can something so hard and so cold have so much movement? How can it be such a large vessel of emotions?

It argues that there are many elements that can harden a person up but it doesn’t mean that it takes away the ability to feel, to feel from, and to evoke feelings. In relation to time and history, the movement of the steel reminds us of how solid and permanent our past is. But it is beautiful. Look how beautiful the remarkable warm reds are, the curves etched on to the side, following it in its spiral walls until I reach the core of it all, surrounded, and engulfed in the past I could never run from, but isn’t it all magnificent? I think that’s what Serra wants to convey. He leaves the interpretation open, of course, for the voyageurs and participants to fill up on their own.

Tee - DIY // Bottom - The Fifth via Fashion Bunker // Air Max 90 - Nike
Photos by Pedro Morales
By Lynn Kim Do