by Lynn Kim Do

SoHo, New York, NY, USA

Lifestyle | 3 Coffeeshops In Soho

1. Maman
"A nook I almost overlooked as it was conveniently decided over calendar invites and thoughtless group messages but Maman stole whatever warmth I still possess in my heart with its quaint space, the most delicate printed cups, and the delicious liquids it hold within."
  Must Try - The Lavender Hot Chocolate // 
Advice - If you can grab a seat near the window, do it! Something about people-watching and feeling the sun
against your skin while you're sipping java that makes it...not feel like you're about to start another shitty day. 

2. Greecologies
"Get cultured, literally. Something about a place that specializes in greek yogurt that makes the Chobani-buying person inside of you...hate yourself. Oh, and Greecologies' caffeinated counterparts aren't bad either."
  Must Try - The Rose Petal Preservatives (put it in your greek yogurt) & A Latte // 
Advice - Do me a favor and remember to walk around this small space to take in the 
thoughtful interior (and exterior!).  Their backyard is a dream.

3. Cha Cha Matcha
"aka Matcha Heaven. aka Pink Panther's hideout. Come to Cha Cha for the hype but leave absolutely understanding why this place is so so popular. Maybe it's the Matcha Soft Serve...that you can have for breakfast."
  Must Try - Iced Matcha Latte With Coconut Milk  // 
Advice - Just order the matcha soft serve! Even if it's 10 AM. You're an adult and 
you have made too many big decisions today. So go ahead and acta little crazyyyyyy.

Visuals by Lynn Kim Do