by Lynn Kim Do

NYFW friendship

It takes a special kind of friendship to be able to go through NYFW with. The kind that helps you hobble down the street when your feet are blistered up. The kind that gives you the last bite of their granola bar at the end of the day. The kind of friend that takes the most amazing Instagram photos of you without an utter of complaint. The kind that hates on the same people as you cause..."ew, what is she wearinggggg???" Well, I've found the one.

- NYFW friendship

Tucker Top - Vivi Academy //
Jody Culottes - Vivi Academy //
Satin Bomber Jacket - Urban Outfitters //
Estelle Knee High Heels - Public Desire //
Reversible Choker - MD 13  //
Amelie Mini Box Bag - Kalamarie // 
Visuals by Erika Dickstein