by Lynn Kim Do

New York, NY, USA


I use to hate brown. Kinda like the way I use to hate that ex back in high school who dumped me through a post-it note. I moved on. Okay, not really...I still hate him. Also, that never happened to me.  But I've heard about it. Which is almost just as bad. In fact, I think I broke up with my second boyfriend name Ricardo through a written note. Hey! At least it wasn't a post-it.

Anyway, brown and I...we've reconciled our differences. As you can see. Totally normal. In fact, I think I love brown. And all its shades.

- ricardo

Plantar Honey Hat - G Viteri //
Suede Fishtail Tee - Threadworkshop //
Born Free Pant - The Fifth Label (via Fashion Bunker) //
Cream NMD Sneakers - Adidas //
Orion Cuff - Mata Traders  //
Amelie Mini Box Bag - Kalamarie // 
Visuals by Daniela Spector