by Lynn Kim Do

New York, NY, USA

perfect never

Pull it up, darling. And I don’t mean your skirt. I’m actually talking about your leggings. I’ve always worn my gym bottoms pulled all the way to my belly button. I guess it’s because my belly button gets cold. Also, I really like the look. It makes everyone's tushes look delicious. And it covers way more skin than usual, which is useful when you have really creepy guys oogling you at the gym (or in the street) when all you want to do is walk around, mad pretty, in your sports bra and leggings. Can’t a girl live!?!? So I’m glad one brand got the hint—Reebok’s Perfect Never.

And as a street wear fanatic, sportswear isn’t too far off my radar. In fact, if I had it my way, I would just live in gym clothes every day. I know my boyfriend does. (JEALOUS) But I did wear this outfit out. To dinner. And did a whole ab circuit in it. To an event, even. AND I received a compliment here and there. So moral of the story is: do what you want. Someone, like Reebok, will catch the hint and make the perfect outfit that fits all your lazy desires (like mine).

And maybe that's why they're called "Perfect Never." Because "wanting it all", and you may agree to agree or to disagree, doesn't usually happen. But we can try, the way we try to be perfect. And that's okay. We're never perfect and we don't normally get what we want. But those small celebrations of "perfection" or "getting your way" is worthwhile.

- perfect never

Visuals by Danna Hymanson