by Lynn Kim Do

Lifestyle | Absolut Art

We’re all trying to connect. To create a bridge. To…maybe…even close a gap.
So here comes Absolut Art with such a rich history in creating unique relationships with artists, for instance—Andy Warhol, curating them, and even creating names for lesser-known ones, and they want to push their very special gift even further. They’re going to push it in our hands. Admirable, I would say. They preach transparency. They promise affordability. They, well, could be and would be probably be the only vodka brand able to do so. And as I loiter in this beautiful two-day Absolut Art preview, I recognize the value in what they have. It’s hard to miss the amount of thought and the very oh-so-human elements placed into this gorgeous loft. The artwork speaks volumes. But the people behind Absolut Art and their desire screams a tad bit louder.

Absolut Art launches Oct 5. Do yourself a favor and check them out.

Visuals by Kim Geronimo