by Lynn Kim Do

nice try

Do you remember in the early 2000s when wordy graphic tees were a huge thing? It was like everything that came out of my own mouth didn’t carry enough statement. I needed a t-shirt that was loud and bold to tell everyone I meet, pass by, or see again to understand something about myself. I had a stance. Whether it was how much I freaking loved pizza or the Sesame Streets or some mo quote. It was a feeling. Something that could be summed up in one word or several. Damn, it was so simple back then. And I miss it.

Was this all fondness or sarcasm? Well, I tried. (You may now say—Nice Try!)

- nice try

Visuals by Erika Dickstein 
Nice Try Tee - Urban Outfitters //
Leather Shorts - One Teaspoon //