by Lynn Kim Do

Street Talk | Why I'm With Her

I’ve never been the politically riveting type. I don’t find satisfaction in participating in heated debates on first dates or even last dates. I rather talk about sports. And I don’t know shit about sports. In fact, I can still be your friend if you hate the Steelers, while I, I adore the black and yellow BEST FUCKING TEAM EVER. I digress. When it comes to politics, it’s a bit different. People always surprise me. Often times, I can’t help but look at them a little differently. I notice that although sports have childhood brainwash-like roots, politics are absolutely created through intensive early on brainwashing and rigid, constant, Fox vs CNN perpetual brainwashing. Luckily, I’ve also noticed that many of my friends are self-educated. They weren’t raised by a politic. They chose one. By self-anointment, I am quite independent. I sway more liberal and democratic but I am naturally an undecided voter. Equally, I never know what I’m going to eat for lunch. Team Pizza or Team Salad? AHHHH.

ERRRRR….politics. So, why am I doing politics on my blog? Let me begin with—Well, I am a human being. I’ve never tried to be who I am not. I think. I feel. And I’m really good at throwing up every single emotion or thought into this space. Or any one who wants to hear it. As an influencer, as a decent living organism occupying this society and more specifically, United States, it is very important that we all have an opinion. Especially during the 2016 election where the outcome will clearly be life-changing.

Clearly from the title of this post, you already know who I will be voting for. I’m with her. I'm with the nasty woman who doesn’t take shit from anyone including Trump. I’ve read both parties. I’ve heard many arguments. I've watched every debate. Trying, as I will, to stay as open and forgiving as possible. I have made a very conscious decision that not only am I voting for the first time ever (BAD LYNN!) with a Mail In Ballot (I’m going to be in Thailand for this very earth-shattering occasion, and maybe thankfully so), but I’m also going to vote for Hillary Clinton.  And let me tell you why?

Yeah, she’s dishonest. But on the scale of dishonesty, Trump tips the scale so heavy that there is no scale. I’ve never seen a man, let alone a man running to be president, say something on live television in front of millions to convince us to trust, to believe, and then 30 minutes say, “I did not say that.” And this happens over and over again. He says he doesn't support the Iraq War. Lie. He says he didn't dismiss the allegations by insinuating that the woman are far too below him to even consider...assaulting? Lie. So many lies.

He will move this country backwards and have bigotry and hate run rampart. When he said, “Law & Order” (wait, isn’t that a television show?) over and over again and then followed up…with stop & frisk, I almost fell off my chair. It is racial profiling. And yes, it is unconstitutional. He says it isn't. He has insulted Muslims, Mexicans, the Disabled, and women. Unapologetically so. As a woman, as an Asian woman, I can not by every fiber in my being support someone who is against every fiber in me. Disgraceful. I could cry. I am so angry. How can we possibly, as children of the free world, allow this to continue. Our ancestors, our grandfathers and mothers, have fought so hard. Shed blood. Ink. Sweat. Tears. To have us come closer to justice, equality, and freedom. To have it all ripped from under us.

Yes, your taxes will be reduced with Trump. If indeed, you are the 1%. Everyone else, including myself and the middle class, you're taxes will be raised. Good luck. If Clinton is elected President, sure, the wealth will not be as wealthy. But you will have your house. You will have food on your table. You will see your children attend private school. You will pay taxes like you always had. Or should have. I pay and most of us pay 30-35% on our paycheck. Are you above the law because you own a business? For us, counting every penny, not quite sure where we’ll be tomorrow, little saved, little chances, education-deprived, every piece taken from us is a punch in the gut. Every time you, Trump, don’t pay your taxes, you take from us. You can think selfishly, and as much as you may think…one for one. Who is going to be there for you, when you have all but you and you can’t be there for yourself. You’ll rely on us and those who believe, and rightfully so, all for one and one for all. Our government is NOT a business. It is for humans. It has business components, but in the end, it is here to protect us not to create revenue recklessly.

How can we forget the bigger picture? When we were built on a larger dream, built by hands who saw the dream, and fulfilled these dreams generation after generation. We can’t forget. We will not forget. We will vote. If you disagree with me, I can respect it, as long as you have an opinion and you stand behind something.

Sincerely yours,

Visuals by Amina Gingold