by Lynn Kim Do

say no to snakes

Inspired by a text from a friend, "Lmao! God sometimes I hate this industry"...let me reveal the ugly side of blogging and Fashion PR.

The ugliest part of blogging and my time in Fashion PR isn't the workload or the demanding time commitment (the occasional 12 hour work days, the work in-between day-job breaks and on the weekends). The ugliest generally come in a physical form that walks and talk...usually not so very nice things. In Fashion PR, people felt replaceable. Oh, this chick had a alcohol problem, flask under the office table kind of problem, cleverly hidden under not-so-genuine smiles, people pleasing casts that if not curiously sniffed out, you would be easily deceived. But then again, I wouldn’t even blame anyone for their so-called naivety. It is PR. Or it was when I was in the industry. Favorites and cliques within the office form quicker than high school lunch rooms. G-chat bullying replaced passed notes. Confusing to a noob (me) who saw the utter disaster in being nice to everyone (which led to being taken advantage of) or doing your job relentlessly (being labeled a bitch...or worse, giving up your ethics and morals). It was a world of grays, streaky morales, and faithless attachments. I unconsciously left that world to take the next steps. Which then happen to be a few things including blogging.

But the funny thing is—Those people never left. They just dressed better (because they had too) and took a ton of photos of themselves. Some just became very good at Photoshop. My pleasant beginnings blessed with new friends, new experiences, creative liberation, and an entrepreneur spirit took an interesting turn when I met a fellow blogger who scarred me. She threw disguised smiles my way, sent memes fit for friendships but drenched in lies, compliments based on shade. I didn't know I had let a snake into my garden. And the only way to deal with a snake is not to befriend it and hope it becomes a goddamn angel. You have to get rid of it from your garden. And maybe your neighbor’s garden, too. And if you’re feeling super generous good, you can send a ounce of positivity their way so they don’t get eaten by a ferret. Or worse, a larger snake. Or secretly hope that they do.

But before I had perhaps accidentally made you generalize two very large and diverse group of livelihoods, I beg that you don’t. They were very hard lessons that I realized existed in all kinds of occupations, some more than others. Nothing is quite as glamorous as they seem. And I will admit, I’ve met some really awesome and genuine people along the way. They’re not just industry people I work with. I actually get to call them my friends. And they’ve held my hair a few times as I threw up in strange bathrooms. So yeah, I’d say they outweigh the bad ones.

The real takeaway:
Will I ever put myself in the same situation again? YES!
Would I do it the same the next time around? HELL NO. Say no to snakes. 

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