by Lynn Kim Do

Beauty | Bare Face

If you want to feel like the badass bitch that you are, you have to start at the core. And that same philosophy applies to my beauty regimen. My face is the most precious, spoiled, and annoying part of my body. Yes, it’s like my child. It gets moody. It’s always thirsty. And I always pile it with shit for fun. Also, it looks great with blue lipstick.

So, I suffer from very dry skin. I’m talking about flaky and patches of dry spots near the chin, some spots on my cheeks, and my forehead. I have an oily t-zone, too. I also break out here and there. So during the summer, I get very oily and then during the winter, I have super dry skin. And I’m a makeup wearing gal. Not a whole ton, but enough too clog your pores. So, I need something that doesn’t strip my face but removes all the impurities. I also need something that moisturizes my face.  Oh, and I live in New York City. The greatest city. But, also the dirtiest, grimiest city. So, pretty much, I need a miracle. I’ve tried almost everything under the sun. And I’ve done a ton of research. I’ve used foreign products and domestic products. Masks, one-product-tricks, moisturizers, toners, cleansers, makeup removers, oils, drug-store, luxury products. After 25 years of trying to get it right, I think I’ve finally got it. I’ve finally found a formula that my skin feels great about. 

So without tugging on your patience any longer, I’ll disclose my skincare formula here now.

Step 1) Makeup Remover
I learned that there is no one trick pony to this kinda thing. If you want something to work, you have to do it correctly. I once asked a Korean expert how many steps there were in a typical Korean skin regimen. She said 10! TEN, people. No one has time for that. But what I do have time for is two cleansing steps. There’s no way around it.

Step 2) Face Cleanser
I need something that will remove every last trace of makeup without stripping my entire face and making it horribly dry. I also have very sensitive skin, so it has to be gentle enough so that it doesn’t cause breakouts.

Step 3) Serum
Okay, so when I was first introduced to Decorte, I was very skeptical. I mean, for the price…it better transform me to Halle Berry or something. But when I used their serum and face cream set for the first time. It literally changed my life. I don’t use anything else now. I also realized the difference between a toner and moisturizer. Think of toner as the panties between your skin and the pants. It’s just safer that way.

Step 4) Moisturizer
Let me continue my love letter to Decorte. Because I am so serious. The day cream is also built to fight environmental elements. HALLALUAH! Finally. And the night cream feels like a million little fairies are having deep slumber on my face until I get up in the morning. I never understood the difference between Day and Night creams, but for someone, like myself that has chronically dry skin, it’s important that I get the deep moisture at night and just the right amount during the day from the day cream so my face doesn’t look like an oily mess.

Step 5) Masks & Other (optional)
For me, masks are either for emergency pimple-y situations or for pure relaxation. I’ll share my top 3.

Product: Fresh Rose Mask – multipurpose, relaxation, used as often as I want / Cedar + Stone Face Polish Scrub – deep hydration & exfoliation, great for body too, used once a week / Boscia Exfoliating Peel Gel – for when I feel like there’s a ton of trapped dirt and gahhhh on my face, for blemishes

Visuals by Daniela & I