by Lynn Kim Do

Your choice

You can walk this earth and it can be filled with the same joy you find at the bottom of a cereal bowl. The sweet, sweet rainbow sugar crystals swimming in a puddle of milk. Begging you to finish it.

Or you can walk this earth with a cloud that knows no mercy and builds a bubble around you with the same humidity found in a subway car in the middle of July. The only one that is empty. Yes, the one with no working AC.

Your choice. I know mine. 

Visuals by Carlos
Connor Tee - Threadworkshop Co
Olive Shredded Denim - Rustic Dime
Cropped Sweater - American Apparel
Leather Jacket - Zara
Argon High Heels - Isa Tapia
Skinny Bar Choker - Enteresant