by Lynn Kim Do

a letter to my 2017 self

Hi Lynn, me..., yeah.

So it's 2017. One more time notch forward, upwards, depending on how you read your dates. And I want you to snap out of this hole you're enthusiastically digging. It's a little unfair. To be digging AND asking yourself - "shit, how did I get here?"

For a moment, stop thinking. Unfurrow your brows. Sink your eyes and release that sharp tongue. And that complex mind of yours.

And for the next moment, remember how much you've achieved. Accomplished. Accumulated. And got rid of. For fuck sakes, you're still breathing. In a coffee shop. In New York. So yeah, life isn't that bad . And in all relativity, you don't even feel too bad about yourself. You just start digging all these tiny holes in this large mound of metaphorical badassness. Cause you have a lot of time in your hands. But before you collapse this mound with your own two hands, an erratically pumping muscle behind some anatomical cages, and an even more sensitive top dog held together by your scull,

It's alright. 

You got ideas. You got the means. And you got love. Everything else is working together, slowly but surely. All in your favor. Be patient with yourself. And impatient -- no use in holding on to what your gut knows isn't right for you. And if you're not doing it now...when is the right time. Release what society has told you is right and wrong but use it as a secret weapon. Speak your mind vigorously. But observe how the auras move around you. Your environment. Spend less. But by all means, live wealthy. Your time is precious. Value it. Use it wisely with only the right people. Right for the moment. Moment by moment. But leave time for recklessness. Foolishness. One too many bad ideas. It fuels your soul. Tequila has become a comrade. Whiskey has not. And vodka is still your best friend 4 lyfe. Break up with people with pockets of ill intentions. Build new ones. Value old ones. And him, he's the one. Listen. Don't stop listening to people. To the world. To yourself. But absorb only what you need. Love people. And also, give them the finger. 

And above all, don't compromise yourself. You. You will be amazing. 2017 will be kind to you. And if it's not, it's because it knows you can handle it. 

Visuals by Daniela